How The Jack-o’-lanterns Work In Phasmophobia

Here's everything you need to know about the Jack-o'-lanterns in Phasmophobia easily.

As Halloween is almost here, Phasmophobia is excited more than ever to surprise users with new challenges and items. The developers have brought various new features along with several new items, that include the Jack-o’-lanterns. This lantern is one of the most important things required to complete the Halloween Challenge. It mainly serves the purpose to be lighting up by signifying the completion of the challenge. If you want to know more about the Jack-o’-lanterns and where to find them in Phasmophobia, then we’ve got you covered. So without any further ado let’s get into the locations to obtain the lanterns in the game.

Where to Find Jack-o’-lanterns in Phasmophobia?

Jack-o'-lanterns Work Phasmophobia
Picture Credits: Stonimon Rubifer

As mentioned earlier the Jack-o’-lanterns in Phasmophobia serves the purpose to complete the Halloween Challenge. However, it only spawns only on certain maps and can only be found in the Nightmare Difficulty. Other than that you won’t be able to get the lanterns and will end up with only some Trophies. So make sure you look for them in the Nightmare Difficulty on the maps mentioned below.

    • 13 Willow Street
    • 6 Tanglewood Drive
    • Camp Woodwind
    • Bleasdale Farmhouse
    • Grafton Farmhouse
    • 10 Ridgeview Court
    • 42 Edgefield Road
  • The first requirement to complete the Halloween Challenge is to find all the Candy available on the map. It might sound difficult, but players can always bring along a friend to speed up the process. After obtaining the last one of them the player will hear a sound indicating that they’ve completed the hunt. And that’s how you can get Jack-o’-lanterns in Phasmophobia easily.
  • After obtaining the lanterns simply light all of them by using a Lighter. If you don’t have one on you right now then simply look them for in the Truck.
  • And then the last thing you need to do is to take a picture of a ghost and you’ll be good to go.

This is all you need to know about how the Jack-o’-lanterns work and where to find them in Phasmophobia. For more tips & tricks check out other Phasmophobia guides now.