It Takes Two co-op Adventure Announced by the Creators of ‘A Way Out’

Electronic Arts and Hazelight, the creators of a ‘A Way Out’, have announced a new collaborative adventure called ‘It Takes Two’. However, the release of the title will be a bit late.

After the immense success of the cooperative action-adventure ‘A Way Out’, the Swedish development studio Hazelight and its creative director Josef Fares announced a new game called ‘It Takes Two’. The publication is planned for 2021, even if no specific platforms have yet been named.

However, with ‘It Takes Two’, the players should be able to experience a cooperative adventure again, whereby Josef Fares spoke of an action-adventure platform that should take you on a wild roller coaster ride that you have never experienced before.

Hazelight is, according to official statements, creating a visionary game that will redefine the genre, giving players a wild and wonderful adventure. An emotional journey through a fantastic world should captivate you on the screen.

Josef Fares stated the following for the new game: “It Takes Two is a crazy beautiful world, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. We can’t wait for everyone to experience the magic of our co-op gameplay that disrupts everything gamers typically expect from a platformer game.”

However, not too many details about ‘It Takes Two’ have yet been revealed. In the first video, Fares talks about the vision behind the cooperative adventure and gives a brief insight into the story. So it all starts with the small family of Cody, May and their daughter Rose. When the parents decide to separate, Rose creates two wooden clay dolls. They magically come to life and experience the wonderful adventure from ‘It Takes Two’.

As soon as Electronic Arts and Hazelight would reveal more details about the game, we will bring you up to date.