Is Valheim coming to Consoles?

Is Valheim going to be launched on PlayStation, XBOX or Switch?

Valheim is the newest kid on the block in the survival game genre. It however is not one to be messed with as players have taken a liking to it with it becoming Steam’s top-selling game. This has obviously got the console community up in arms as they are feeling left out. Awwww. Many gamers are enquiring about the game’s availability on platforms such as PS, XBOX, or Switch.

Will Valheim be available on consoles?

Valheim PS4 Release Date

Valheim is an intense role-playing simulator game with a heavy dose of Nordic mythology. PC gamers have been going bonkers over the game as it includes some pretty retro-inspired graphics with much more modern gameplay features. This has caused quite a stir in the community as it is an entirely new experience and is a welcome break from the usual norm. The maps too are procedurally-generated allowing for each user to have their own unique experience.

The FAQ page on Valheim’s website has stated that there are “no plans to release on other platforms”. However, Iron Gate has also said that they haven’t ruled out launching versions tailored for consoles. They have even said that a Mac version will be launched if there is enough demand for the game. If Iron Gate does choose to launch a console version, it is likely to be a success as the game has gained quite some amount of traction. Moreover, the low system requirements make it accessible for even older gen consoles as well as the handheld Switch. The publisher, Coffee Stain Publishing, already has had some experience in introducing games to consoles.

Iron Gate can look at the success of the initially PC-only Subnautica which has sold millions of copies after being introduced on multiple platforms. To avid console users who feel like they are missing out, make sure you put out your opinion. After all, the internet can be a helpful place at times.

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