Is The Quarry A Sequel To Until Dawn? – Answered

The Quarry and Until Dawn are the two most praised titles that come right from the pocket of Supermassive Games. Both of these games share a lowkey similar plot and in-game mechanics. This makes the fans wonder that is the Quarry a sequel to the Until Dawn game. It is an expected question because at one point, Until Dawn 2 was seriously in plans at Sony. Thanks to the investigation done by Time Extension, we have found evidence to ease your mind.

The Quarry was Originally Set to Release as Until Dawn 2

During Time Extension’s investigation, they spoke to various Supermassive Games employees. A few of those employees claimed that the Quarry was actually a pitch for the Until Dawn 2. One of the employees said that Sony was paying the Quarry team to make a prototype for Until Dawn 2. However, Supermassive wanted to pitch their final prototype to other companies which eventually led to a split-up with Sony. Below is what the employee actually stated:

“The Quarry team was originally Until Dawn 2 working with Sony. And Sony basically paid for them to be making this for them as a prototype. Then once the prototype was done, Supermassive turned around and said, ‘We’re going to shop this around and see if anyone else wants it”, which was kind of the final nail in the coffin of any relationship with Sony. They ended up getting picked up by Google who funded it for years.”

Another employee stated the same but provided a different take on this story. He said ” The Quarry started as a pitch for Until Dawn, but they didn’t have the license. They burnt their bridges with Sony by releasing Dark Pictures on multiple platforms. As far as I’m aware someone else has that license now.”

From this, it becomes evident that if it wasn’t for the split up between Supermassive Games and Sony, the Quarry would have been a sequel to the beloved Until Dawn game.

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