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Fire Emblem Engage: Is It A Mainline Game?

Here is everything about FE Engage being a mainline game in the series.

FE Engage is nearly here and people are wondering if it is a mainline game. The recent years have been good for Fire Emblem fans because just last year we got FE Warriors: Three Hopes. But since that game isn’t directly canon to FE: Three Houses, players want to know what is the case with this game. So here is what you should know about whether Fire Emblem Engage is a mainline game and if it is canon.


Is Fire Emblem Engage Mainline & Canon?

is fire emblem engage canon to the fe series

Yes, Fire Emblem Engage is a mainline game and is going to be canon to the series. The game previous to it in the series was FE: Three Houses. And the biggest proof of it being canon is its connection to the previous game characters. FE Engage has a new game mechanism known as Engage Rings. This lets you summon renowned characters from previous titles. Some of these include:

  • Marth
  • Lyn
  • Lucina
  • Byleth
  • Corrin

But the above was just to name a few. In the “The Divine Dragon Awakens!” trailer of the game. We can see the main character use the Engage Ring to summon Marth. And during the interaction, our character asks “What was I like?”. To which Marth replies “Well you were kind, as you are now. There is no need to remember everything at once”. This implies Marth knows our character from before and they have some history.


So similarly we can expect to learn more about the main character’s relation to other Emblems while progressing through the game. But we are yet to learn where exactly this game falls in the timeline of the series.

How Engage Rings work

You need to equip Emblem Rings to sync your units with the Emblem. This is useful to not only increase their different stats but also give them special skills of the Emblem. The best part is you can fuse your unit and the Emblem known as Engaging to improve your battle prowess even more. This will allow you to use Engage Weapons and Engage Skills.


That covers this guide on whether Fire Emblem Engage is Canon and if it is mainline to the series. I suggest you check out our FE Engage guides to get help on other topics of this game.