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Is The Blood Knight Class Coming To Diablo 4?

Bring out your Lance because the new class is here!

Blood Knights finally return to the Diablo franchise after nearly 3 decades, but this time with a twist. The first Diablo game released in 1996, had them as the final form of Hell Knights. The twist here is, while they were an enemy class in the game, you will now be able to play as them. That’s right Diablo Immortal players will now get a seventh class with Blood Knights, but will it also be added to Diablo 4? This question isn’t uncalled for as Season 1’s release is almost upon us. So here is everything you should know about the new class.

Is Diablo 4 getting the new Blood Knight Class?

is Blood Knight coming to Diablo 4

No, at the time of writing this article, Blood Knight is confirmed to be added only to Diablo Immortal. But while the developers may not release it right away. They might choose to add it to Diablo 4 at some later point in the game for example maybe in its Season 2 or 3.

While we may not get a new class just yet there are still plenty of things to look forward to for the Season of the Malignant. I suggest you check out our Season 1 New Content guide to learn about them in detail, but for now here is a quick overview of new things that you will get:

  • A Mastery Title
  • A Scroll of Amnesia
  • 6 New Unique Items
  • 7 Legendary Aspects

When will Blood Knight be Available for Diablo Immortal?

Blood Knight release date for Diablo Immortal

Blood Knight class has been available in Diablo Immortal since July 13, 2023. This is going to be a mid-range class. You get to use both Melee and ranged attacks with it. For all your ranged combat you will be using your handy polearm. And one of the main highlights of this class is its Abomination ability. It transforms your character into a monstrous creature while enhancing your abilities.

In case you want to try this class out, the only option you have for now is to play Diablo Immortal. You can check out our guides for it if you plan to start your journey or head over to our Diablo 4 section. Here you can get all the help you may need to prepare for the upcoming season.