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Marvel’s Iron Man VR Update 1.06 Available Now, Adds New Game Plus Mode & More

Marvel’s Iron Man VR has received a new update that brings a lot of new content into the game. In addition, work was done on the loading times of the game, which are now significantly shorter.

The VR adventure of Marvel’s Iron Man VR has received an extensive update as of today, which brings new game modes, weapons, and pieces of equipment into the game. We would like to present the new content to you in detail in this article.

The update 1.06 gives Iron Man VR two new game modes, among other things. The first of these is the long-awaited New Game+ mode, in which you can play the story again with all your progress. The second mode is a new level of difficulty called Ultimate, which should be an enormous challenge.

In the game you can now unlock a total of four new weapons at the armament station:

  1. Beam Repulsor: This allows you to create a beam for a certain period of time that causes constant damage to your opponents.
  2. EM Charge Cannon: This weapon can be used to fire a rechargeable shot that destroys the shields of all types of drones.
  3. Micro swarm: A nifty weapon that can be used to take out entire groups of enemies.
  4. The Gravity Bomb: With the free-fall bomb you can create a kind of black hole and thus attract all surrounding opponents, who can then be destroyed at once with another weapon.

To improve the overall gaming experience, the tech team has been working hard on the game’s loading times. These should now be significantly shorter. When you start a new game, you now have the option to skip the associated movie sequence for missions that have already been completed.

Before that, the sequence had to be loaded first. In addition, a new set with eight new armors and several challenges have been integrated into the game. Last but not least, the developers have listened to a request from the community and have now made it possible to skip certain missions.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR was released on July 3, 2020, exclusively for the PS4 and can only be played with Sony VR glasses.