Iron Man VR Game Length, Locations, Characters & More Revealed

A few more details have surfaced about the PlayStation VR title called Marvel’s Iron Man VR, which will be released in a few days. Among other things, we are given an indication of the season.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be released for PlayStation VR this Friday. After delaying the release originally planned for May, players can finally take on the role of Tony Stark this time.

On the PlayStation Blog, the developers of Camouflaj Ryan Payton revealed some more details about the game length, the characters, the locations, and the skills.

Accordingly, players can explore some well-known locations such as the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and a decommissioned Stark facility. You also fly through Shanghai, dodge buildings, and experience Tony Stark’s armory to take a look at the Iron Man suit.

“Our most ambitious environment, Shanghai, gives players the unique sensation of flying through a high-density downtown with plenty of tall buildings to weave in between. We worked closely with Marvel Games’ VP & Head of Creative, Bill Rosemann and Creative Director, Tim Tsang, to craft a storyline that puts Stark Tower in the thick of the action and drama,” can be read on the PlayStation Blog.

Abilities include a speed boost for faster movement, the missile strike for close combat and the Unibeam, which can be charged and fired with full force. The players should be given a profound story about Tony Stark, with the playing time being longer than originally planned.

“We initially thought the campaign would span 4-5 hours, but based on recent playtest data, we’re pleasantly surprised that average playtimes are now roughly double that,” Payton wrote. This means that Iron Man VR will have a duration of 10 hours.

In the course of the plot, other Marvel characters like Nick Fury, Pepper Potts, Friday, and others that have not yet been revealed will appear.

Remember that Marvel’s Iron Man VR releases this Friday, July 3, 2020.