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New World Invincibility Glitch: How To Get God Mode?

How to use the God mode glitch/exploit in New World to get invincibility? Moreover, can it get you banned?

New World is a challenging game if you go along the honest route but what if you could get god-mode in it? Is there a New World invincibility glitch that you can exploit and if yes, what are the repercussions of using this bug? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

New World Invincibility Glitch for God Mode


how to do new world invincibility glitch

As per player Inkassokrav on the New World forum, these are the steps to do the New World invincibility glitch to get God Mode:

  • Turn on windowed mode.
  • Drag teh game window around.
  • Hold it for some time.
  • During this, your character will freeze and hence, become invincible.

Many are reporting that they are seeing some players with god-mode like behavior. They are seeing others killing mobs and unlocking high-level areas way too easily. They are using the New World invincibility glitch to avoid dying and level up quickly. This is a game-breaking bug which may be patched very soon. Players are using this trick in wars in a lot of servers around the world. Unfortunately, this will make the game unplayable for most players who don’t want to use the exploit themselves.

If you want to know what the devs are saying about it, then check out the response by the community manager on a forum:

Hello! Thank you for reporting this issue, I want to confirm the team is aware and investigating.


Can you Get Banned for using God Mode?

New World is an open-world massively multiplayer online game so YES. Using any external cheats, hacks, abusing glitches or bugs to level your character up will most likely get you banned. It’s unfair to those players who are grinding their way up and Amazon Game Studios will most likely get this fixed soon, hopefully. If you really want to use it, beware and do it at your own risk.

That’s everything about the New World invincibility glitch and god mode exploit. If you need any more help with the game, we’ve got quite a few New World tips and tricks on Gamer Tweak!