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Atomic Heart: Can’t Enter The Car During Intro Mission (Fix)

Here's everything you should know about the Car Glitch during the Introduction mission in Atomic Heart.

It’s been only a couple of hours since the release of Atomic Hearts and players have already encountered a bug. Wherein, players were stuck on the introduction scene and were not able to get inside the car. Instead, it displayed the prompt – Available in the full version of the game. Strangely, this error mostly occurred to those who were playing this game with Xbox Game Pass. Although, what can we do to get this error fixed? Here is everything you should know about this Atomic Heart bug that is not allowing you to enter the Car.

‘Can’t Get Past Intro’ in Atomic Heart Fix – Car Glitch

During the intro mission, you are given the task to enter a Turbine (car). However, this sequence is bugged for a majority of players spoiling all the fun. According to a thread of conversation on Reddit, restarting the game fixed this error.

'Can't Get Past Intro' Glitch in Atomic Heart Fix

Just to let you know that most of the players who changed the region to New Zealand have faced this error. Since most of the games are accessible early in New Zealand, players often use this trick. Using this trick unlocked the install button for them. A Reddit user, iWizardB used this method to get access to Atomic Hearts early. This user succeeded in playing the game but was also obstructed by the bug that restricted him from entering the car.

So, if you have installed the game earlier using this trick, just restart the Xbox app. Doing so will resume the download again and hopefully fix this intro glitch in Atomic Heart.

That covers everything about the intro bug that didn’t allow you to enter the car in Atomic Heart. While you are here, make sure to check out our Video Game Guides Section for more gaming content right here on Gamer Tweak.