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The Witcher 3: All Interrogation Questions & Answers (World Set Up)

Here are the Answers for the World Set up Interrogation Questions in Witcher 3.

Witcher 3 allows you to set up the world and how NPCs will view you based on the events of Witcher 2. Geralt will go under interrogation by a general who has questions about Aryan and Letho among others. Since it is important you give the best answers to all interrogation questions in Witcher 3, we recommend you check out our guide to understand the options.


Since this will eventually set up your world for Witcher 3, getting the best answers will be useful. Hence, once the situation arises, you already know what to do. But before we go any further, there are some spoilers ahead regarding Witcher 2. You have been warned. Since you are looking to set up the best world, scroll down below and use them.

All Interrogation Questions & Answers in Witcher 3 (Aryan, Leto, & More)

Witcher 3 World Set Up Interrogation Questions Answers


The questions will refer to the events of Witcher 2 that involve Aryan and Leto among others. However, your answer will actually shape the events of Witcher 2. So basically you have the choice to change these events and that will portray you to the world. Along with that, it will also decide how Geralt views the world. Here are all the Interrogation Questions & Answers in Witcher 3.

Question – What Happened to Aryan?

During the siege of La Valette, you will eventually fight Aryan La Valette, the son of the Baroness. Your answer to this question may or may not assist you with a quest in the later game. We will explain how both answers will impact your world setup. Here are the answers to the interrogation questions in Witcher 3.

  • Answer Choice 1 – I killed Aryan during the siege. Just happened that way.

If you kill Aryan, that ends all possibilities of future interaction with him. This will also lead to a change in one of the questlines in the La Valette dungeon.

  • Answer Choice 2 – I spared his life. He escaped.

If you spare Aryan, he will cross paths will Geralt in the future. More precisely in the dungeons of La Valette and then in Loc Muinne.


Question – How did Geralt get out of Flotsam?

This is the start of the interrogation that will deviate according to your answers. Hence, it will provide the world a perspective on the Witcher and his views. Once again, we will explain the answers to the Witcher 3 interrogation questions.

  • Answer Choice 1 – Got out of Flotsam with Vernon Roche.

Vernon Roche is the commander of the Blue Stripes and the only one who believes the innocence of Geralt. If you choose this option, you will be invited by Roche to the Partisan Hideout Camp.

  • Answer Choice 2 – I joined Iorveth, he helped me out.

While it will not impact you that much, Iorveth is a slayer of innocents to get to his goal. Hence if you side with him you will have trouble getting into the Partisan Hideout Camp. However, as we said the impact will be less.

Question – Why Geralt Meddled with Loc Muinne?

Geralt will have to save a person here. However, the choice will depend on your answer to the previous question. Now that you are here for answers to the Witcher 3 interrogation questions, this is where your choices will start to play.

  • Chose Vernon Roche
  • Answer Choice 1 – Had to Save Triss.

Triss Merigold is a famous character of the series and saving here will help you with the Conclave of Mages. She can inform them that it was Sile de Tansarville who was related to do with the king’s assassination. There is a mage near the HMS Oxenfurt-Tretogor that will only appear upon giving this answer.

  • Answer Choice 2 – Helped Roche rescue Anais.

Anais La Valette is the rumored bastard child of the late King Foltest and might bring balance to Temeria. Hence, Roche intends to find her and bring her. However, the impact is that you won’t be able to meet the NPC mage this time around.

  • Chose Iorveth
  • Answer Choice 1 – Had to Save Triss.

The result remains the same as with the choice when you have picked Vernon Roche previously.

  • Answer Choice 2 – Helped Iorveth lift the spell that held Saskia.

Saskia is a powerful dragon taking a human form who is put under a spell by a sorceress. This will be sort of a favor to Iorveth. However, this will eventually lead to a witch hunt and hence you won’t meet the NPC mage.

Question – What was the Fate of Sile de Tansarville?

Sile de Tansarville had a hand in the King’s assassination so this question will turn up naturally. The questions and answers of the Witcher 3 interrogation are coming towards the end. You will only have one more to go after this.

  • Answer Choice 1 – Sile escaped.

Although Geralt helps her escape as a result of this choice, her presence in the game is feeble as it is. She will turn up in Margarita Laux-Antille’s cell when Yennefer and Geralt look to free her. However, she will die soon so the significance is not really important.

  • Answer Choice 2 – Got what was coming to her.

This will mean that Sile perishes and you won’t have to go through the scenario of Margarita Laux-Antille’s cell.

Question – What was the Fate of Letho?

Geralt confronts Letho at the end of Witcher 2 and hence this question is important to set up the world. Don’t worry, you are done with the questions and answers of the interrogation in Witcher 3 with this one.

  • Answer Choice 1 – That alliance is dead. See, I killed Letho.

If this is the choice you go with, Letho will not appear in Witcher 3 and you will miss out on a quest with him.

  • Answer Choice 2 – That alliance still alive? What happened to Letho?

Letho is a fellow Witcher and if Geralt decides to spare him at the end of Witcher 2, he will be there in the new one. With Letho, Geralt will have a quest known as Ghosts of the Past.

That’s all there is on the Witcher 3 Interrogation Questions & Answers. While you are here, check out our Guides section for more such content with Gamer Tweak.