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Tips To Download & Install Mods In GTA San Andreas PC

Modloader is one of the best Mod Installers that can be used to install various mods on the GTA San Andreas Windows version. Check this guide for steps to safely install new mods without causing any crashing issues.

For modding GTA San Andreas on PC, you need to download CLEO, ASI Loader, and Modloader. These are Mod Master tools that are used for adding new items to the game. Mods are something that makes an open-world game like GTA San Andreas more interesting. Thankfully, hundreds of mods were added to the internet since the release of this game in 2004. The only hurdle for players is the installation process. This is because there are some additional files that you need to download before installing a Mod. Having these 3 GTA San Andreas Mods Manager tools makes the installation process a whole lot easier. So, to get started, here’s what you need to do.

Note – Installing mods to exploit a game is unethical and we do not support it. Moreover, it can cause harm to your PC, so download mods at your own risk.

Best GTA San Andreas Mods Manager

How to Mod GTA San Andreas on PC
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As mentioned above, you need to download CLEO, ASI Loader, and Modloader. CLEO is a plugin that is required to run mods with .cs scripts. Whereas, ASI Loader is needed while installing Mods with file extension .asi in your game. And a Modloader is required to install the mods in GTA San Andreas smoothly. With that out of the way, here’s how you can install all these 3 files.

How to Install ASI Loader

While searching on the internet, we came across Silent’s ASI Loader. You can download this ASI Loader and extract it. Further, simply move both the provided .dll files (vorbisHooked.dll & vorbisFile.dll) to your GTA San Andreas directory. After moving, create a folder named ‘scripts’ inside the game directory.

How to Install Modloader

Similar to the ASI Loader, you can download the Modloader from the internet as well. Once downloaded, extract the Modloader and open it. From there, move the ‘modloader.asi’ & ‘modloader’ folders to your game directory. Also, keep in mind that the Modloader is a .asi file, so ASI Loader needs to be installed first.

How to Install CLEO

At last, use your internet browser to download CLEO plugin. Head to the download location and extract the files. Once done, move the ‘cleo’ and ‘bass.dll’ and ‘cleo.asi’ to your GTA San Andreas game directory.

How to Install Mods in GTA San San Andreas

Now that you have all the necessary files installed on your PC, you can easily mod GTA San Andreas. All you got to do is create a folder and name it the same as your mod in modloader folder. And move the downloaded mod to the newly created folder. Then simply run GTA San Andreas for the mod to take effect.

How to Uninstall Mods from GTA San Andreas?

If you wish to remove any of the installed Mods from GTA San Andreas, you can simply do it by deleting it from the ‘modloader’ folder. To do so, head over to your game directory > modloader > delete xyz mod. 

That covers everything about installing Mods in GTA San Andreas. Now that you are here, why not check out Cheats for GTA San Andreas?