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How To Install GTA 5 Mods PC In 2023

Here's your guide on how to install Mods on Grand Theft Auto 5.

Are you wondering how to install GTA 5 Mods? Then you are at the right place as this guide is all you will need. While GTA V games are more famous for cheats, a lot of players are now aware of mods. More accurately, there are a lot of players who have gotten themselves into utilizing the numerous mods available. However, many of the old guard who are coming in to modding are not aware about how to do it. So if you are one of those players, we recommend you keep reading below as we will explain the entire process.

How to Install GTA 5 Mods?

GTA V Install Mods

While it is quite useful, there are a few pre-requisites to installing mods on Grand Theft Auto 5. That also depends on which mods you are trying to download since there are some scripts that need more tools than simply copy-pasting. Here are the tools you need to have in order to install GTA 5 Mods:

How to Install Script Hook V

Since Script Hook V is quite important while installing GTA V mods, you will have to know how to get it done. Here are all steps on how to install Script Hook V:

  • After downloading and extracting the .zip folder, copy ScriptHookV.dll to the game’s main folder where GTA5.exe is located.
  • Since you will need an asi loader installed in order to load asi plugins, you can download it separately or use the latest version that comes with this distrib (dinput8.dll).
  • This distrib also includes a sample asi plugin – native trainer, if you need a trainer then copy NativeTrainer.asi too.

How to Install GTAV LUA Plugin

LUA is another essential pre-requisite when it comes to GTA 5 Mods. It is necessary to pair it with Script Hook V to make things work. Fortunately, this too is quite easy to install and utilize. Here’s what you need to do:

  • After downloading and extracting, look for the LUA.asi file and the scripts folder and paste them in the game’s main folder where GTA5.exe is located.
  • Now, within the scripts folder you can add new scripts that will help you mod Grand Theft Auto 5.

Now that you have installed the pre-requisites, there are numerous GTA V Mods that you can download. Once you get them, you will have to add them within the specified folders for the mods in the game’s main folder.

That’s all there is on how to install GTA 5 Mods. While you are here, make sure you check out our other GTA V guides right here at Gamer Tweak.