Insomniac Vows to Deliver Best Experience for Marvel’s Wolverine Despite Devastating Cyberattack

Insomniac Games update regarding Marvel’s Wolverine Leak

In the wake of a devastating Insomniac cyberattack that exposed employee data and the details of their highly anticipated Marvel’s Wolverine project, Insomniac Games finally commented on the issue moments ago through their Twitter handle. Today, the studio delivered a powerful message: equal parts gratitude for fan support, transparency about the attack’s impact, and an unwavering commitment to the future of Logan’s next improvements before it hits the shelves. Let’s look at the core of Insomniac’s message and see how they plan to rise from current devastating leaks.

Insomniac is as Resilient as Logan
  • While specific details about the leaked content remain unconfirmed, reports suggest early gameplay footage and story elements are circulating online.
  • Industry experts point to the hack’s potential long-term impact, citing possible development delays and heightened security measures across the gaming industry.
  • Fan support remains strong, with many expressing understanding and wishing the studio a speedy recovery.

Insomniac Games Thanks Fans for Their Support, Addresses Stolen Data, and Development Plans for Marvel’s Wolverine

Insomniac Games, the developer behind hit titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man, has finally broken its silence following a recent cyberattack that compromised employee data and leaked early development details of Marvel’s Wolverine. In a heartfelt message on Twitter, the studio expressed gratitude for fan support and offered an update on the situation.

Emotional Toll and Data Breach Acknowledged

The message begins by addressing the emotional impact of the attack on the team, stating that they are “saddened and angered” by the incident. They acknowledge the breach of personal information belonging to current and former employees and contractors and confirm they are still determining the full extent of the data leak.

Marvel’s Wolverine Development Continues But Will Improve Before Release

Despite the setback, Insomniac assures fans that the development of Marvel’s Wolverine remains unaffected. They confirm the game is still in early production and will “greatly evolve” throughout development as planned. However, emphasizing their desire for players to experience the game as intended, they remain tight-lipped on any official release information, stating they will share it “when the time is right.”

Insomniac is as Resilient as Logan

The message also continues to draw a parallel between Wolverine’s resilience and the studio’s resolve. “Like Logan,” they declare, “Insomniac is resilient,” promising to overcome this challenge and deliver the highly anticipated Wolverine game.

Insomniac’s Message Inspires Hope for Wolverine’s Future

Insomniac took to their social media platform today to share a heartfelt message with fans, addressing the recent cyberattack and the future of Marvel’s Wolverine. Here are their exact words and see how the studio plans to navigate this challenging time:

Thank you for the outpouring of compassion and unwavering support. It’s deeply appreciated.

We’re both saddened and angered about the recent criminal cyberattack on our studio and the emotional toll it’s taken on our dev team. We have focused inwardly for the last several days to support each other.

We are aware that the stolen data includes personal information belonging to our employees, former employees, and independent contractors. It also includes early development details about Marvel’s Wolverine for PlayStation 5. We continue working quickly to determine what data was impacted.

This experience has been extremely distressing for us.

We want everyone to enjoy the games we develop as intended and as our players deserve. However, like Logan…Insomniac is resilient. Marvel’s Wolverine continues as planned. The game is in early production and will no doubt greatly evolve throughout development, as do all our plans.

While we appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm, we will share official information about Marvel’s Wolverine when the time is right.

On behalf of everyone at Insomniac, thank you for your ongoing support during this challenging time.


To convey their heartfelt message, Insomniac shared this via image, a rising grey glow symbolizing their resilience and determination to overcome any challenge.

Leaked data might sting the PlayStation community, but Insomniac’s message promises to deliver a polished product that removes our doubts. We may not have an official release date yet, but one thing’s sure: Wolverine will be a masterpiece on PlayStation consoles, per the studio.

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