Roblox Innovation Awards 2023: How To Nominate & Vote

By Nikita
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Through Roblox Innovation Awards 2023, the platform honors art, creativity, technical prowess, design, and more skills in the Roblox community. These awards will be held on September 9th in San Francisco, CA but now is the time to submit your nominations. Here’s how to cast your nominees and also how to vote for the most deserving one to win this year!

Roblox Innovation Awards 2023 – Nominees

Fill out the Roblox Innovation Awards 2023 nominees form to give your recommendations. The categories are:

  • Best New Experience
  • Best Use of Tech
  • Best Video Star
  • Best Video Star Video
  • Best Item
  • Best Collaboration
  • Best New Video Star
  • Best Limited
  • Best Creative Direction
  • Best Immersive Environment
  • Best Use of Audio & Voice
  • Best Use of Fashion
  • People’s Choice
  • Best Studio

As you’ll see in the form, you will have to share the experience links to submit your nominees for the award categories. Hurry and give your suggestions fast because the nominations will close on May 31 at 5pm PST.

how to vote nominees roblox innovation awards 2023

How to Vote for Roblox Innovation Awards 2023

This information on how to vote for the Roblox Innovation Awards 2023 is not yet available but stay tuned, because once the nominations are final, we will know how to cast our votes for winners.

If you are new to this event, here’s a glimpse of the Innovation Awards from 2022. 

Roblox Innovation Awards 2022 Winners List

Here’s the list of all the winners from last year – if you’ve played the most popular experiences on Roblox, many of the winners will be familiar to you.

  • Best New Experience – Deepwoken 
  • Best Creative Direction – Creatures of Sonaria 
  • Best Use of Tech – TUNNELER  
  • Video Star Video of the Year – My $1,000,000 Mansion in Roblox by Itsfunneh
  • Video Star of the Year – Flamingo
  • Most Immersive Environment – I N T E R V A L
  • Best Use of Avatar Fashion – Mermaid Life  
  • Best International Hit – Welcome to Bloxburg
  • Best Audio Design – RoBeats
  • Best Content Update – Piggy – Breakout Update by MiniToon
  • Most Popular User-Created Item (UGC) – BubbleGum Candy (1.0) by OceanOrbs
  • Most Concurrent Users – Brookhaven
  • Developer Studio of the Year –
  • People’s Choice – BedWars 
  • Builderman Award of Excellence – Starving Artists

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