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How To Get Ink Blue Dye In Final Fantasy XIV

Here's our guide on how to get the Ink Blue Dye in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV is all about great characters progressing through epic battles with an extensive storyline. As you proceed through the journey, you equip different types of gear to fight enemies. That’s where dyes come into the FFXIV. With these dyes, you can customize the color of your equipped armor. Ink Blue Dye is one of the several dyes that you can purchase to customize your piece of equipment. So, here’s our guide on how to get the Ink Blue dye in FFXIV.


How to Get Ink Blue Dye in FFXIV

Ink Blue Dye is a blue dye that can be used to customize your clothes and pieces of equipment. Before you get on to finding the Dye, you need to unlock the ability to dye first. To unlock this ability, complete the Color Your World quest by talking to an NPC Swyrgeim. Once you have unlocked this ability, you can find the Ink blue dye across the open world of Eorzea. Head over to the different NPC vendors to purchase Ink Blue dye for 216 Gil.

ffxiv ink blue dye

Mentioned below are all the NPC vendors with their locations and coordinates to obtain this dye:

  • Alaric: You can find him at the Old Gridania (X – 14.3, Y – 8.3).
  • Allagan Commerce Node & Ananta Junkmonger: At the Player Housing (X – 6.2, Y – 6.2).
  • Nanabe: Ul’dahSteps of Thal (X – 14.2, Y – 11.0).
  • Frine: At the Pillars (X – 6, Y – 9.9).
  • Eilonwy: At the Firmament (X – 12.2, Y – 14.2).
  • Unsynrael: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X – 6.0, Y – 12.3).
  • Tokohana: At the Kugane (X – 12.9, Y – 12.2).

While you can buy this Dye for a reasonable price of 216 Gil, selling it will pay you 1 Gil. That’s why we would suggest not to sell the Ink Blue Dye. It can be used to customize several pieces of equipment and different clothes. As Jet Black can cost you more, Ink Blue dye can be a better option to purchase.

That’s all on how to get the Ink Blue Dye in FFXIV. If you liked this guide, check out our more FFXIV guides right here on Gamer Tweak.