Injustice 2 Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (2023)

Smash the competitive matches using the best Characters. Follow this tier list to the end to know the most Powerful characters ranked in Injustice 2!

To get a good run of competitive match success in Injustice 2, it’s important to follow a reliable character Tier List. This will assist you in deciding to select your most needed and worthy characters. To make things easier for you in Injustice 2, we’ve curated this list that ranks players based on the popular S-A-B-C-D-F format. A point to bear in mind is that this list, crafted intricately and factually, is still subject to player preferences. So without any nerdy corroborations to the DC universe, Let’s begin!

Each tier’s description will be specified for those unfamiliar with this ranking system as we explore the list.

Injustice 2 Best Character Tier List (2023)

injustice 2 tier list

Here’s our Injustice 2 Tier List with all the characters ranked from best to worst below:

Tier Characters
S Tier Batman
S Tier Black Adam
S Tier Catwoman
S Tier Doctor Fate
S Tier Starfire
S Tier Wonder Woman
A Tier Black Manta
A Tier Firestorm
A Tier Flash
A Tier Hell Boy
A Tier Redhood
A Tier Scarecrow
A Tier Super Girl
A Tier Superman
B Tier Aquaman
B Tier Atrocitus
B Tier Blue Beetle
B Tier Darkseid
B Tier Enchantress
B Tier Green Arrow
B Tier Green Lantern
B Tier Poison Ivy
B Tier Robin
B Tier Sub Zero
C Tier Atom
C Tier Bane
C Tier Brainiac
C Tier Cheetah
C Tier Cyborg
C Tier Deadshot
C Tier Leonardo
D Tier Black Canary
D Tier Captain Cold
D Tier Harley Quinn
D Tier Joker
D Tier Swamp Thing
F Tier Donatello
F Tier Gorilla Grodd
F Tier Raiden
F Tier Raphael

Tiers Explained

S Tier: This tier represents the absolute best characters to play in-game. These characters possess traits that have the most use in-game. They can be put to use in multiple situations and often come out on top without you needing to break a sweat.

  • A Tier: While these characters don’t really fall into the “Weaker than S Tier” category, their usage in-game is different from player to player. Additionally, This means the characters falling under this tier are still super powerful and can be the most difficult character tier to define!
  • B Tier: The above-average characters that can still pack a punch fall into this tier. While They aren’t the most powerful, they have fairly decent traits to use even in competitive matches.
  • C Tier: Now we start describing the tier characters you’d rather have during a “no-result matters” game. These characters could have an impact but have been fairly nerfed or don’t have traits that could overturn a meager chance.
  • D Tier: Average character traits in-game. This tier is painful to look at since these names have a special place in our hearts. In addition to their traits being fairly less impactful to stronger characters, they’re more vulnerable in-game than other characters.
  • F Tier: To put it simply, these are the lowest-ranked tier characters because their traits are mediocre in-game. In addition to being fairly out-matched, these agents hardly contribute to competitive match success.

There you have it! The complete ranked list of characters from tiers S-F in Injustice 2! If this tier list helped you, then be sure to check out our Tier Lists for other games.