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How To earn 99,999 Money Per Battle in Pokemon Sword And Shield

Earning Infinite Money quickly is essential to be it any game that you play, the more money you have will get you a ton of things you can purchase in the game and the same goes for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

This latest trick allows players to earn up to 99,999 per battle, it sounds simpler than it actually is and this guide will show you how to earn infinite cash in each battle in Pokemon Sword and Shield.


How To earn Infinite Money Per Battle Tweak

For this you require one specific item and another specific Pokemon, this trick can get you rich and with all that money you can as many vitamins you require to max out your favorite Pokemon.

First, you will require to significantly progress in the game, then you need an Amulet Coin which you can get begin the sign to Galar Mine #2 in the Motostoke Outskirts area.


After that you are going to require a Gigantamax Meoth, basically, you need Meowth for his Gold Rush ability. You can get Meowth as a Mystery Gift for players who get Pokemon Sword and Shield before January. Or you can also trade for Meowth in Turffield by talking to an NPC trainer inside the Gym.

Once you have these things, you can only get the Gigantamax form of Meowth in Dynamax Battles.

Before the battle, equip Meowth with the Amulet Coin and you will need to transform into the Gigantamax Form and use his special G-Max Gold Rush move three times.


To get the maximum amount of coins from the battle you are going to need a Level 84 with Gigantamax Meowth, so make sure that you use your Rare Candy and EXP Candy wisely.

This is all there is to know about how to earn Infinite money in each battle in Pokemon Sword and Shield quickly.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is exclusively available only on the Nintendo Switch devices. Do check our other Pokemon Sword and Shield Wiki Guides for more Tricks and Tweaks.