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Wasteland 3 Infinite Money Glitch Cheat – How to become rich fast?

A new money glitch is discovered in Wasteland 3. This allows you to make infinite money, check this guide to learn how to use the Wasteland 3 cheat.

You can make a lot of money in less time in Wasteland 3. But for this, it is quite sure you will need to use a cheat code or pull out benefits from an exploit. Thankfully some of the Wasteland 3 players had discovered a new glitch. A kind of in-built game exploits that let players earn an infinite amount of money. It is slow but works, infinite means you can fill up your account with a lot of cash. In the post-apocalyptic world of Wasteland 3, you can buy out all the required essentials with that money. Here is how to use Wasteland 3 infinite money glitch.


Wasteland 3 Unlimited Money Cheat Code

Unlock Level 7 in bartering to use the exploit, because after reaching this level you will unlock a new ability. It is called Antiques Appraiser. This ability is kind of a jackpot that gives you a chance of earning 50 times more money than the regular value. The exploit gives you a chance to earn fifty times more money on junk 1 in every 20 deals.

This is a kind of a hidden Wasteland 3 cheat codes that amplify your earning 50x more via selling junks. You will have to unlock Antiques Appraiser ability after reaching Level 7 and you boost your chance of selling junk at 50x value by 5%. If you are selling junk and do not get the price then buy it back and sell again. Repeat this step and once in every 20 deal, you will earn 50x more money on the regular junk price.

You can replay these steps, again and again, to fill up your account with almost infinite money. On average, some Wasteland 3 players have reported earning around $30,000 instantly. This Wasteland 3 infinite money glitch does not require any kind of trainer or third party tool. It is an in-game mechanism and safe to use.

How to make Money in Wastelands 3?

There are multiple ways to make money in Wasteland 3. You can do this by selling junk items in the game. Junks are commonly available and you can farm them from junk piles, dumpsters, containers, and killing enemies. Junks are kind of lootable items in Wastelands 3 and there are tons of them scattered around. Selling them off will add cash to your account. You can use this further to buy weapons and items. But expensive weapons can give you a hard time due to a high price tag.


Second way of making money in Wasteland 3 is by repairing Toasters. Repairing them will reward you with loots which includes cash. Toaster Repair Skill is capable of giving you a high amount of cash. I already shared above that upgrading Barter Skill to Level 7 unlocks the Antique Appraiser skill. This unlocks a hidden cheat of earning 50 times more money.

Buy making huge cash in a short time will help you to buy expensive weapons and essential items in Wasteland 3. Your regular junk can reward you with a high price, otherwise you have to struggle a lot. So remember the money glitch and when you have a chance make thousands of dollars for free.