What Does First Discovery Mean In Infinite Craft?

Here’s our guide on Infinite Craft First Discovery meaning and tips & tricks on how to add one to your name as soon as possible.

Infinite Craft managed to capture the attention of many players worldwide with its interesting crafting system of combining various elements to generate a practically unlimited list of new items like celebrities, movie names, sports, and more. However, what players like to collect is something called the “First Discovery” system. So, if you have seen YouTube videos or on the fandom page showing players discovering items/elements first in the game, it is your turn to add a few to your list. So here’s our guide on Infinite Craft First Discovery meaning and how to add one to your name.

Infinite Craft First Discovery Meaning

Infinite Craft First Discovery Meaning
Image shared by User:PaweroigW showcasing example of Infinite Craft First Discovery tags.

Infinite Craft First Discovery means a player is the first to discover a new location, creature, item, or resource, and their name will be permanently associated with that discovery. This means that every player can contribute by finding new elements. Then, the game will credit you and remember your name as the first person to unlock that element/item. It is a fantastic feature that lets players leave their mark on the game forever.

How to Make First Discoveries in Infinite Craft

To increase your chances of making a First Discovery in Infinite Craft, consider the following tips:

  • Explore combinations of weird elements: Most of the pending Infinite Craft first discovery items/elements will be behind unexpecting combinations in the game. So, even if you have elements that seem like they have no relation to each other, keep combining them to see if they can unlock new recipes in the game.
  • Test elements with two or three-word names: Considering how long Infinite Craft has been famous and the number of players, the best option is to focus on elements with long names, especially ones with more than one word. For example, if an element is named A+B, combined with another two-word element called C+D, you can find a new element called A+D, C+B, or any other variations along that path. Sometimes, it will result in seemingly unrelated objects. But keep combining, and you have a high chance of making your first discovery.

Are There Any Benefits of Making First Discoveries in Infinite Craft

There are a few things you need to know if you are actively hunting for the “First Discovery” tag in Infinite Craft:

  1. Recognition: Your name will be credited to the item within the game, giving you fame and prestige among other players on sites like YouTube or Wiki (fandom) pages.
  2. No Exclusive Rewards: Making First Discoveries will not unlock any special rewards. Currently, there are no unique items, titles, or even access to secret elements as part of discovering more elements. This may change in the future, but your name is attached to the item as our best reward.

That’s everything you need to know in our guide on Infinite Craft First Discovery meaning and how to add one to your name. While you are here, check out the list of all topics we covered in our Infinite Craft Guides. These guides will help you unlock more unique units in the game