Blooket Infinite Coins & Tokens Guide (2024)

A comprehensive educational guide on how to get Blooket infinite coins & tokens easily, & why you should avoid it as per devs.

We have arranged a guide on how to get Blooket infinite coins & tokens easily. But even though collecting them by playing each game can take lots of time, users have found various ways to get them easily. One of these ways is by using codes available through GitHub. But as the Blooket devs do not approve this, this method can also get you banned from the game. But as gaming media websites, we must inform our readers about the negative effects of such hacks.

Many YouTube videos show “how to get coins” but never portray how this is unethical and unfair to other players and even the devs. So all the content shown here is for educational purposes only. Here are the official Blooket terms regarding the use of cheats & hacks in the game:

policy Blooket terms cheats hacks
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So now you are aware of the official terms & conditions from the devs, we will show the method for your awareness, so you may know what is considered “bannable” in the game.

Reminder: Blooket is blocking all users who are using hacks now. This guide is only for information. Please do not use the codes unless you understand the risks associated with them.

How to Get Infinite Coins & Tokens in Blooket

To get Blooket infinite coins & tokens easily you need to go to GitHub, type in Blooket, and get the latest codes you can find. Make sure to check the comments regarding the status of the codes. But as a golden rule, if the codes are recently updated, they have a high chance of being valid and working inside your game. For example, you can check out these main creators in GitHub:

  1. Minesraft2 Blooket Cheats
  2. shenkeYT blooket hack
  3. Glixerz

And if you are wondering how players are using these GitHub codes in their games, then check out these 2 links to understand them better:

  1. Tutorial for using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, & Opera GX
  2. Easy presets to import Bookmarklets

The Only Legit Way for Token & Blooket Coins

The Only Legit Way for Token & Blooket Coins

The only legit way to get tokens and coins is by playing different game modes. Here’s how much you can earn in different game modes:

  • Battle Royale mode – 1.0 Token/each question
  • Classic mode – 0.5 Tokens/each question
  • Tower Defense mode – 0.4 Tokens/each question
  • Tower Defense 2 mode – 0.4 Tokens/each question
  • Crazy Kingdom mode – 0.4 Tokens/each question
  • Racing mode – 0.35 Tokens/each question
  • Tower of Doom mode – 0.35 Tokens/each question
  • Monster Brawl mode – 0.33 Tokens/each question
  • Fishing Frenzy mode – 0.33 Tokens/each question
  • Blook Rush mode – 0.25 Tokens/each question
  • Café mode – 0.25 Tokens/each question
  • Crypto Hack mode – 0.25 Tokens/each question
  • Deceptive Dinos mode – 0.25 Tokens/each question
  • Factory mode – 0.25 Tokens/each question
  • Gold Quest mode – 0.25 Tokens/each question

That’s all for our educational guide on Blooket Infinite Coins & Tokens. Also, remember all users will be banned per the dev’s policy. So this guide is for your understanding. Do not replicate these steps for yourself. Using these shortcuts is unfair to both devs and other online players alike. While you are here, check out our Video Game Guides for articles on all the latest popular games.