Infection Free Zone Cheats and Console Commands

Enable these cheats to make Infection Free Zone much easier to play.

Infection Free Zone is a strategy city-builder game where a deadly virus has swept the world. To lead a group of survivors, build a self-sustaining settlement, and defend everyone from infected hordes, you might need some extra help. Here’s a rundown of all the known Infection Free Zone cheats and console commands that will come to the rescue and make things much easier if you prefer it that way.

These cheats will do a variety of actions like instantly performing tasks, adding additional workers to your HQ, adding resources, as well as things like changing the resolution, date, FPS limit and more. But before you get started with the building, spawn, unlock and debug cheats, you will have to activate console commands in Infection Free Zone.

How to Activate Cheats in Infection Free Zone?

  • To access the Infection Free Zone console and enable cheat codes, you need to press the tilde key (it’s the “~” key at the top left of your keyboard).
  • Make sure you are inside a save because you can only activate them here and not from the main menu (Hat tip to this community guide for the additional info).
  • Click on the “?” question mark at the bottom right section.
  • Select the option to Enable Cheats.
  • Now you can type the cheats mentioned below into the console and get your outcome.

When you use an Infection Free Zone console command, you will see the option to add a type and quantity. It should look something like this AddResourcesToBuilding res_cans 10.

adapt build and spawn easily with infection free zone console commands
Image source: Jutsu Games

All Infection Free Zone Cheats and Console Commands

infection free zone console commands
Image source: Jutsu Games
Infection Free Zone Cheat What does the Console Command do?
AdaptBuilding Instantly adapts a building as per your choice
AddEventToPool Adds a specific event 
AddMoodModifier Improves the mood of your people 
AddResearchProgressPoints Adds points to current research 
AddResouresToBuilding Adds a resource to a building
AddResourcesToHQ Adds a resource to your HQ
AddScientificMaterials Adds Scientific Materials 
AddWorkersToHQ Adds workers to your HQ
ChangeLanguage Changes your language
ClearNavData The outcome is not yet known
ClearStockrooms Clears all items from all storage slots
CreateFarmLand You can instantly build a Field with this cheat
CreateGate You can instantly build a Gate with this cheat
CreateResourceCursor Creates a chosen resource on the ground wherever you click
CreateWall You can instantly build a Wall with this cheat
CompleteActiveMissions This will complete all the missions that are currently active
DestroyResourceCurser This will instantly delete a resource you choose
EndMission This cheat will end any mission of your choice
HideFPS Hides your FPS counter
KillAllGroups This will kill all the groups in the game – even yours!
KillWorker This will kill a random worker in the game
RemoveMoodModifier Removes a mood modifier/removes morale by a certain %
RemoveResourcesFromHQ Removes a particular resource from your HQ
SaveGame Saves your game
SetDay Changes the date your game is in
SetFPSLimit Sets an FPS limit
SetResolution Changes the resolution
SetTimeSpeed Changes the speed of your game (basically how time passes in-game)
SetHour Change the time
SetSoldierHP Changes the health of a unit
SetSpawnPointVisualizationState The outcome is not yet known
ScavengeAllBuildings Makes scavenging buildings automatic
ShowAllGroups It shows all squads on the map
ShowAllVehicles Shows all the vehicles on the map
SpawnBigSquadAtCursor Spawns a big squad where you click
SpawnGroupAtCursor Spawn a group of NPCs where you click
SpawnGroupInBuilding Spawn a group of NPCs in a building
SpawnImmigrants Spawn immigrants on the map
SpawnImmigrantsAccept Spawns immigrants that are accepted by others
SpawnRandomSquad Spawns a random squad with weapons 
SpawnSquadAt Spawns a squad to exact coordinates
SpawnSquadAtCursor Spawns a squad where you click
SpawnSquadAtLatLong Spawns a squad at the latitude and longitude of your choosing
SpawnVehicle Spawns a Chosen Vehicle
StartAction Starts an action in a list
StartEvent Will start an event of your choice
StartWeatherFog Fog will appear on the map
UnlockContent Unlocks anything you want 
UnlockResearchType Unlocks any research

These were all the known Infection Free Zone cheats and console commands that you might want to activate and use. If you get stuck while playing and want to know how to perform tasks without using cheats, head over to our Infection Free Zone guides section right here.