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Inertial Drift Is Attempting To Be The New Drift Racing Masterpiece

We cannot remember the last time a racing game that let us drift us til our hearts filled and that is exactly what Inertial Drift is trying to create, Inertial Drift is trying to bring back the nostalgic racing game with new generational support to bring out the best in the genre.

The trailer launched today shows that the game will heavily rely on players drifting their way to the finish and it seems that corners will certainly be a huge deciding factor in the build-up to the finish.


The graphics look pretty and the controls too, seem simple enough without making things way too complicated, a racing game that just wants you to race in style and finesse over the finish line is something players have been wanting for ages.

Inertial Drift will also support local split-screen for two players to race each other, but it does look odd to have two screens diagonally set up instead of the traditional half and half vertical screen option.

Inertial Drift will probably be more enjoyed on a console as the trailer shows it will heavily make use of the right and left analog sticks to let players give absolute control of their vehicle and be in control at all times, but this though does bring up the question of it being as enjoyable on a keyboard and mouse.


Inertial Drift developed by Level 91 Entertainment is scheduled to launch in March 2020 for Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.