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Indiana Jones New Game of Bethesda May Not Be an Xbox Exclusive

A new Indiana Jones game was announced recently, which will be created by the studio MachineGames, which will soon be part of Microsoft. While officials are still silent, several insiders assume that despite the takeover of Bethesda Softworks by Microsoft, the title will also release on PS5.

Surprisingly for one or the other, Bethesda Softworks and Lucasfilm announced recently that work was in progress on a new Indiana Jones game. This is created by the Swedish development studio MachineGames, which has made a name for itself in recent years with its various Wolfenstein adventures.


Since Machine Games will soon belong to the Xbox Game Studios due to the takeover of Bethesda Softworks by Microsoft, the question is of course whether Indiana Jones will also appear for the PS5 or whether owners of Sony’s new console will get nothing.

While the parties involved are still silent on this issue, well-known insiders who are considered reliable sources expect that Indiana Jones will definitely be released for the PlayStation 5. The well-known Xbox insider “Klobrille” assumes, for example, that the deal on which the new Indiana Jones project is based was engineered long before Microsoft took over Bethesda Softworks.


So, according to Klobrille, a PS5 release can be assumed. Jez Corden from Windows Central sounded similarly on the issue, and he is of the opinion that a PC and Xbox-exclusive release should be ruled out, mainly due to the involvement of Lucasfilm and Disney.


Until an official statement is available, one can only speculate about a possible PS5 version of the Indiana Jones game.