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Fire Emblem Engage Support Guide: How To Increase It?

Here is everything you should know about Support and the ways to increase it in Fire Emblem Engage.

The way to fend off the Fell Dragon is not a piece of cake in Fire Emblem Engage. Hence, it is necessary for you to make as many allies as possible who are ready to fight by your side. To gain their trust and strengthen your bond with them, you can always increase your Support level with them. For those who are unaware of how the Support thing works in Fire Emblem Engage, this guide got you covered. Read till the end to know about the ways to increase it.


What is Support in Fire Emblem Engage?

Warriors or Soldiers work better while in a team. Similarly, all the characters in FE Engage have a bonding with another character. In easy language, you can call it a Support system that signifies the bond between 2 characters. If you increase the Support Rank with the characters, then it will benefit you in more than one way. Just to let you know, maxing up Support will increase the stats for those characters. In addition, you can unlock additional dialogues between the characters that are beneficial to increase your Support Level cap in FE Engage.

How To Increase Support In Fire Emblem Engage


How to Increase Support in FE Engage?

Now we know a few about the Support in Fire Emblem Engage, here’s what you can do to increase it:

Place Allies Together

Placing Ally Units next to each other’s grid is one of the most efficient ways of increasing Support. It will increase regardless of playing offensive or defensive on the battlefield.


Deploy Allies that Heal

Having an Ally that can heal while in battle can significantly help you increase Support.

Have Conversations

On several occasions, you will cross paths with characters in Somniel. Interacting and having a conversation also boosts Support in FE Engage.


Gifts & Returning Lost Items

While interacting, you can always choose to offer characters some gifts. Giving them their favorite items can boost your Support effectively in FE Engage.

While exploring the map, you may come across areas that have sparkles. You can investigate such areas and look for some lost items. Further, returning it to its original owner will boost your Support as well.

Cafe Terrace

Having food with an Ally at Cafe Terrace is also an easy way to rank up Support.

That covers everything on Support and the ways to increase it in Fire Emblem Engage. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other FE Engage guides on Gamer Tweak.