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How To Increase Inventory Size In New World?

Read this guide to learn how you can increase the size of your inventory in New World.

The importance of having an inventory whose size you can increase in a game like New World cannot be stressed enough. An inventory with enough space can help you keep farming materials and items without any restrictions to hold you back. If you have been struggling with getting enough storage space recently, we’ve got just the solution. In this guide, we will show you how to increase and enhance the size of your inventory storage space.

How to Get More Inventory Space in New World?


In order to increase inventory size in New World, you will need to first craft a Coarse Leather Bag. To do so, you first need to look up its recipe in the Outfitting Station of a town. Let us check out the same below:

Materials Needed for Coarse Leather Bag


  • 1o Iron Ingots
  • 25 Linen
  • 45 Coarse Leather
  • 1 Minor Rune of Holding

These are all of the required materials to craft a Coarse Leather Bag in New World. Of these, you can purchase the Minor Rune of Holding by paying a price of 1000 faction points and 250 gold coins. You can buy it from the reward shop of your faction in a town.

As for linen, you can obtain it by refining hemp or other such fibers of plants at a Loom. To get linen, you only need 4 Fibers, and since you can find hemp in pretty much most places like forests and grassy fields, this should not be a problem at all.


You can obtain Coarse Leather by skinning animals. Once you do so, you need to take their hides for refinement to the Tannery. This too should not take much time because of the abundance of animals that roam the surroundings in New World.

Iron, too, is quite a common resource to acquire in New World. You can find it spread across Aeternum. You will be able to obtain iron from the numerous iron ore veins that you will come across in the beginning of the game. Once you collect the iron, simply smelt it in the Smelter to get iron ingots.

This is how you can acquire materials for the Coarse Leather Bag. The best part about this bag is the fact that all you need to do to be able to craft it is reach a crafting level of 5 – 6.

So there you have it. This is how you can increase the size of your inventory in New World. Make sure to obtain all of the materials written in this guide, and you too will be able to have enough of space to keep farming. Since these materials are easy to come across, you should have no stress in crafting the Coarse Leather Bag.


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