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Humankind: How To Increase Influence

Follow this guide to learn how to increase influence in Humankind.

Humankind has “Influence” as a factor whose impact is of paramount importance in-game. To generate influence, players need to strategize correctly and shrewdly. As is the objective in Humankind, expanding territories requires resources. Of these resources, influence really determines a whole lot of what a player can accomplish in Humankind. Unlike what we understand influence to be, in the game- it is used as currency. Players can use this to expand their territorial occupancies. In addition to territorial expansion, you can spend your influence stars to enact “civic policy”. In order to assist you, we’ve listed ways by which you can increase your influence in Humankind. Follow the steps below for the same.

How to Increase Influence in Humankind?

increase influence humankind

Here’s how to increase influence in both the Neolithic era and post Ancient era, in Humankind:

  • In the Neolithic era, the map highlights points of “Curiosity” to which you can send units to investigate.
  • If you investigate the area and it reveals Ancient encampments- they yield 5 influence points.
  • Hunt animals to earn additional influence points– the more dangerous the animal, the greater the yield of influence points.
  • Post the neolithic era, the ways to earn influence points depend on your population and its stability in your empire.
  • For these population and stability attributes, you’ll need to build cities. 
  • The higher the stability- the more influence points you’ll generate.
  • The stabilities from 0-29% yield no influence, from 30%-90% it yields +1 influence and for 91% to 100% you get +2 influence.
  • In Addition to population stability, Emblematic districts and select infrastructures also contribute to your influence count.
  • Also, be sure to check your “Commons Quarter” and “Tenets” for influence star yields.
  • The important part here is to strategize your city builds and focus on the resource yields you need.

In addition to “Influence” which is present in-game as a resource represented by violet stars, there exists another in-game concept called “Sphere of Influence”. It’s important to keep in mind that these two though similar in sound, act for two independent occurrences in-game and shouldn’t be confused with each other.

That’s pretty much it! Even though this concept may seem a bit difficult to grasp at first in-game, you’ll understand it better as you play the game. If you liked this guide, be sure to check out our other tips and tricks and in-game guides for Humankind!