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What Is KDA In Splitgate & How Do You Improve It?

Wondering what KDA is and how to improve it? This guide will help you out.

You may have encountered a term called “KDA” while playing Splitgate. We walk you through what this means and what its significance is in-game with some tips to improve your KDA.

What is KDA?

KDA stands for “Kill/Death/Assist”. It’s an acronym which we also know as “KDR” which is an abbreviation for “Kill/Death Ratio”. As the name suggests, it accounts for the number of kills, deaths and assists the player has enforced in their game. For reference, if my Splitgate KDA is 15/9/3 – it means I’ve killed 15 enemies, died 9 times while doing so, and have damaged 3 enemies for more than 50% of their health without killing them. This is conveniently conveyed in a left to right arrangement usually in a tabular format – Kills, Deaths, Assists.

What does it do?

A player’s KDA in most cases, describes their influence over a game. It also helps to determine the players who are statistically superior in-game. This then ranks them in the order of most kills. However, simply getting kills in Splitgate (or any other FPS multiplayer game for that matter) doesn’t describe a player’s skill level. The significance of the KDA ratio is to keep tabs on a player’s statistical performance in-game and assign an end-of-game best performance status. This too is purely to add more dimensions to the game after a match has ended.

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How to improve your KDA ratio in Splitgate?

The first and foremost rule is to remember that KDA is just a statistic, it doesn’t necessarily reflect your impact in a game. Having said that, this isn’t an excuse to consistently underperform in a game. Here are a few tips to improve your KDA ratio:

  • Practice: This can’t be stressed enough! Using deathmatches and customs for practice can greatly improve your game sense thereby improving your KDA ratio.
  • Stick to your weapon of choice: Use only the weapon that you’re most comfortable using and one which works for you.
  • Co-ordinate with your teammates: This can help you with quick kills. Co-ordinate to work out tactics – set up a trade-kill in case you or your teammate are in a good position, plan team portals and other cheeky outplays.

Now you know what KDA stands for! Use these aforementioned tips to improve your KDA ratio. For more tips and tricks, guides and other information, check out our Splitgate guides.