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Imperator Rome: Console Commands & Cheats Wiki List

Here are all the cheat codes and console commands for Imperator Rome.

Are you looking for Imperator Rome Console Commands & Cheats Wiki List? Then you are at the right place. We have collected all the cheat codes for you to conquer the Imperator Rome map from the Iberian peninsula to the Indian subcontinent.

How do you use Console Commands in Imperator Rome?


In Imperator: Rome, the console is deactivated by default. You’ll need to start the game in Windows

  • Make a shortcut to the game by selecting Create Shortcut.
  • Choose Properties by right-clicking it.
  • Go to the Target field & add “-debug_mode” at the end.
  • Remove the quotation marks.



  • Right-click the game to choose Properties.
  • Go to Launch Options, add “-debug_mode” at the end.
  • Remove the quotation marks.


  • Right-click the game to choose Settings.
  • Make sure “Add command-line arguments” is checked, and “debug mode” is entered.


GOG Galaxy 2.0

  • Select the Settings button.
  • This will be located next to the Play button at the top of the screen, then open the Manage installation submenu and select Configure.
  • Make sure the Launch parameters Custom executables/arguments box is checked at the bottom of the page in the new window.
  • Copy the “startgame” executable.
  • Change the Arguments field to -debug mode.

Imperator Rome Console Commands & Cheats Wiki List


Imperator Rome Console Commands Cheat Codes

Here are the Console Commands & Cheats Wiki List for Imperator Rome:

Console commands Effects
3dstats This is a terminal command that toggles between displaying and hiding FPS information.
ae [<amount>] Adjusts the aggressiveness of your expansion. It would be reduced by a factor of ten if you used ae -10.
ai [<country tag>] Use this to turn on or off the game’s artificial intelligence.
aistats Creates ai.log file to store AI statistics.
aiview The AI view can be enabled or disabled using this command.
amnesia [<country tag>] The amnesia console command may be used to determine a country’s tag.
annex [<country tag>] The specified country is annexed to yours.
army [<amount>] [<province id>] Adds a certain number of troops to a province.
army_loyalty [<province id>] [<loyalty amount>] Sets the quantity of army loyalty to a given value.
cash [<amount>] Adds the amount of gold you specify. The starting point is 5000.
centralization [<percentage>] Change centralization level.
character.age  [<id>]  [<age>] Sets character age
character.martial  [<id>]  [<value change>] Sets character martial.
civil_war [<country tag>] Initiates a civil war in the target country.
clear Deletes all console commands.
clear_aistats All AI statistics will be cleared
coat_of_arms [<country tag>] Script for the country’s coat of arms/flag is written to logsgames.log. The script for game-generated flags may only be seen this way.
compoundnodeeditor The Compound Node Editor/Node Graph tool is launched.
conquer [<province id>] Conquer a certain area.
control [<province id / country tag>] Control of a certain territory.
crash Crashes the client.
corrupt [<amount>] Change the level of corruption.
debug.achievements.resetall All accomplishments are reset
debug_mode Tags and Ids are displayed.
declare_war [<country tag>] [<country tag>] Initiates a conflict between two countries.
delay_diplo Enable or disable the delay response of the Ai.
destroy_mercenaries All mercenaries are destroyed.
dumpdatatypes Dump all the data types.
eagerness [<country tag>] Examine the AI’s desire to fight.
enable_dev_cheats Enable the dev cheats.
error Check for any error in the console.
event [eventid][target] Trigger event.
event_queue Print game.log file.
execute [<country tag>] Kill the units of a particular country.
exile Exile selected unit.
explorer Open the object explorer debug tool
forcepeace [<country tag>] Prevent the war with any  country.
fow Toggle the Fog Of War.
gamelog Print the game log.
gui_editor Opens GUI editor
halt Enable the halt mode.
healthy_economy Print list of countries with healthy economies.
help [<command>] Print the list of any particular command.
helphelp Generate a joke message.
helplog Print all commands in-game log file.
horde [<province id>] Spawns 100k barbarian troops.
instantbuild Instant construction toggles on/off
instantmove Sets instant move on and off
instantpopassimilation Turns on and off quick cultural assimilation.
instantpopclass Toggles rapid promotion.
instantpopreligiousconversion Toggles rapid religious conversion.
instantsiege Turns on and off instant sieges.
instantwar Toggles quick war declaration on/off.
kick [<player id>] The target character is kicked.
kill [<player id>] The target character is killed.
legitimacy [<amount>] Change legitimacy of the monarch.
load [<file name>] Load the saved file.
loading_screen Enable indefinite loading screens.
make_child [<mother id>] [<father id>] Creates a kid for the provided parents.
manpower [<amount>] Add the specified amount of Manpower,
map_editor Open up the Map Editor tool.
mapmode [<map mode id>] Change the display mode of the map.
marry [<character id>] [<character id>] Arranges for the marriage of two characters.
military_experience [<amount>] Your military experience is altered.
minidump [<file name>] Save the minidump.
months [<country tag>] [<country tag>] It shows the ability of a nation to challenge its country in war.
mpstats Save the multiplayer statistics to the game.log file
music.next The current music track is changed.
music.togglepause Pause or unpause music.
navy [<ship amount>] [<province id>] Summon ships for a particular province.
nomen Force AI countries to decline all offers.
observe Switch to the spectator mode.
oos_dump Create an oos dump.
output_terrain save the province terrain data.
particleeditor Open the Particle Editor tool.
pirates [<province id>] Call pirates group to any province.
planaction [<index>] Check the planned action.
players Print the list of players in-game server.
political_influence [<amount>] Change political influence
portrait_editor Open or close the portrait editor.
power [<amount>] Increase the power of your nation.
ppa [<country tag>] Update Al plan actions.
prefer [<country tag>] Update AI preferred units.
prestige [<amount>] Change prestige.
print_randomlog Print random log.
printmap [<map mode>] [<file name>] Take a map screenshot.
refresh_mercenaries Refresh the mercenaries.
release_mode Toggle release mode.
reload [<file name>] Reload any file.
rendertype Check client rendering system.
replan [<country tag>] Force AI to replan.
replay Enable the replay tool.
revolt [<country tag>] Start a revolt in any country.
save [<file name>] Save your game.
screenshot Take a screenshot.
script_docs Print the script documentation.
select_province [<province id>] Select any particular province.
set_age [<character>] [<age>] Change the age of any particular character.
settings Open debug settings.
setup_editor open the province setup editor.
shader_debug Remove all shader debugging.
spawnentity [<entity id>] [<state id>] Spawn any entity.
stab [<amount>] Control the stability.
state_loyalty [<province id>] [<amount>] Change State loyalty level.
statistics Shows game statistics.
switchlanguage [<language name>] Change game language.
t [<country name>] Become any country you like.
tag [<country tag>] Replace your country with another.
tech [<amount>] Change tech command.
test_save Start a save test.
testchar Provide character all data.
teststatus Shows status of concluded tests.
textureviewer Open Texture Viewer.
ti  Toggles terra incognita.
tick Tick all the selected units.
tick_day [<amount>] Advances time by the specified amount.
time Print the game time.
timing [<off / show / log / all>] Modify the game time.
tweak fow Enable or Disable Fog of War.
tyranny [<amount>] Adjust the tyranny level.
unrest [<province id>] [<amount>] Control the unrest in a province.
update Update the selected units.
version Check console information of your game.
vsync Toggle Vsync.
warexhaustion [<amount>] Change war exhaustion.
watch Toggle the watch windows.
winter Create winter for all nations.
yesmen Enable yesmen.

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