Immortals Fenyx Rising Story Trailer & New Gameplay Videos Released

Three new gameplay videos and a story trailer for Immortals: Fenyx Rising have been released recently, which include a full quest and character creation. A demo is also available for Google Stadia until October 29th.

On December 3rd of this year the action-adventure Immortals: Fenyx Rising will be released for consoles and PC. There you slip into the role of Fenyx, who embarks on a mission to save the Greek gods and free their homeland from a dark curse. She has to take on creatures from Greek mythology, develop divine abilities and finally face the titan giant Typhon.

To pass the time a little until then, you can admire new gameplay material and a story trailer of Immortals Fenyx Rising. A demo is also available for Google Stadia now. Ubisoft also released a trailer for this.

In the story trailer, Zeus and Prometheus tell the story of Fenyx, who washes ashore on the golden island and sets off on a journey. Here you get to see the different landscapes of the colorful game world, important key characters, and types of opponents.

The first gameplay video gives you an insight into the character editor. There you can see the numerous customization options for the main character. As already known, you can freely choose the gender of Fenyx. The second video shows a full quest with a length of almost 24 minutes. There you will be given the task by the goddess of love to find an oversized pearl that is guarded by a cyclops. A third gameplay video shows various game scenes, commented on by Ubisoft’s Mikel Reparaz.

The game was originally called Gods & Monsters, but was eventually renamed. A rumor was circulating that those responsible wanted to avoid a legal dispute with energy drink manufacturer Monster Energy and therefore decided to change the name. Shortly afterward, Ubisoft commented on it and made it clear that the title had been changed for creative reasons.

It was also recently announced that the game would support microtransactions. However, there is no more detailed information on this yet. We’ll definitely keep you updated on this.