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How To Start Iki Island DLC In Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut

Here is how to start the Iki Islands in Ghost of Tsushima.

The new DLC has brought in a lot of content and also the new expansion of the Iki Island. With the new Island expansion, the DLC offers you armor kits and charms which will help you progress in the game. This is how you can start the Iki Island DLC in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut.

How to Get to the Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima


Once you get the Director’s Cut for the PS5, there will be an option to migrate your progress from the PS4. This option will only appear if you had the game before the DLC. If you didn’t have the game before the DLC you can begin a new game. To access the Iki Island you will need to progress through Act II of the main story.

After you do complete it, you get a Quest “JOURNEY INTO THE PAST”. The Quest will appear in the Toyotama region, it will tell you to go and investigate a Settlement at Drowned Man’s Shore, Northwest of Akasmima Village in Toyotama.

As you are doing the Quest, a trigger will occur where Mongols will attack you. The Mongols will have a new type of character, the Shaman. In short, the Shaman increases the Mongols Base Stats by putting them in a Bloodlust Trance. Once the Mongols are defeated, investigate the Shaman and it will hint towards the Iki Islands and the Eagle. Yuna will join you once the cutscene plays out. There will be a Boatman nearby, speak to him and he will take you to the Iki Islands by Boat.

What to do before starting the DLC?

Before you access the DLC, here are some of the things you must complete beforehand:

  • In Story mode, get to Act II. Completing Act I will unlock the Toyotama region where the DLC will take place. Since it’s a DLC, I would recommend you to complete the whole story from Act I to Act III. This will help you understand the whole story and then you can come back to the DLC. But you can play as however you want.
  • Complete the Side Quests. In the new DLC, there is a new Trader that accepts Ghost Flowers as a currency. Ghost Flowers is obtained as a reward for completing Side Quests. Any duplicate rewards will be converted to Ghost Flowers so don’t worry.

Hopefully, this guide helped you in getting to the Iki Island in Ghost Of Tsushima. Now go on and defeat your Demons. You can also check out our guides on Ghost Of Tsushima.