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IGI Origins Is Being Made And Will Be Released In 2021

If you grew up gaming on a PC in the early 2000’s you have to know about the IGI series which preceded the Splinter Cell and any other espionage based game, well the developers who developed IGI are making a new IGI game.

The new title is called IGI Origins and is set in the alternate cold war era, the game will take you back to the 1980s when tensions were high between the Soviets and American troops.


You play as an MI6 operative and will be tasked with saving the world from a nuclear disaster that could wipe away everyone.

Robin Flodin, the CEO of Toadman says, “The teams at Toadman and Antimatter have fond memories of playing the original games back in the day. We are very happy to bring take the franchise to the next level, and it’s a perfect fit for the talented guys at Antimatter Games, a key studio in the Toadman Group.”

Though this is excellent news we’re hoping IGI Origins comes out for the next generation of consoles which will be released by then.


IGI Origins will be developed for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC and will be launched in 2021. For more news about IGI Origins make sure you keep checking GamerTweak.