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I Am Jesus Christ – A Video Game Where You Can Play As Christ

The True God Simulator

Ever wondered how it feels to be God, well there is an game coming up recently listed on Steam Page where you can play as Jesus Christ. A realistic simulation game where you can play as Christ and begin your journey to become God. Inspired by the stories from the New Testament of Bible, the game takes place 2000 years ago. The game covers the period from Baptizing of Jesus Christ and to Resurrection.

A small teaser on steam shows the miracles you can perform as Jejus Christ, healing people, offering food, saving life, etc. Trying to save the world and also be ready to fight Satan in the desert there is many things to do to in I Am Jesus Christ.


  • Open World
  • Special skills
  • Realistic fight with Satan
  • Over 30 miracles like healing people, walking on water, calming storm, feeding people
  • Baptizing and getting super power of Holy Spirit
  • Praying and increasing of Holy Spirit
  • Crucifixion and Resurrection

Source: Steam