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Hyper Scape Season 2 | Here’s Everything That You Can Expect In The Future Of Battle Royale

Hyper Scape Season 2 brings floor is lava mode, creating platforms and much more. Check out everything about Hyper Scape Season 2

Season 2 of Hyper Scape is finally here and it brings a few changes and you get to see a familiar element come to Hyper Scape from another battle royale game. Hyper Scape’s Season 2 looks to bring in more hyper action than ever before and things are about to get crazy.

Ubisoft hopes to bring in more action than ever anyone’s ever seen in Hyper Scape and change the future of the battle royale genre. There will be a limited time hack that is going to let players create platforms to reach new heights and scale buildings faster.


This element looks like it is directly lifted from Fortnite but should add more dimension to the game. Another mode called Floor is Lava is a take on the popular childish game but here players will have to keep bouncing from one point to the other and not touch the floor.

hyper scape season 2

It surely looks like Ubisoft has taken things into consideration from the launch of Hyper Scape and are preparing to bring in new and wholesome changes to the game. A limited timed Halloween event will take place from October 20 till November 3 where things are surely going to go dark and will probably bring a bit of fear in Hyper Scape.


Other than this, there’s also the Crown Rush Duo mode which will help players team up with another player and battle it out to get their hands on the Crown. Second Chance is a new mechanic that is going to be implemented in Hyper Scape Season 2.

This new mechanic will help players resurrect and come back to life after they’ve died early on in the game. The future of this futuristic battle royale surely looks like it is going in the right direction and all of these new game modes should give players more incentives to get into Hyper Scape and check it out one more time.