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Tips to Unlock Hyena in Modern Warfare Warzone & Multiplayer

The Coolest Finishing Move

COD Modern Warfare has some cool finishing moves, but they are restricted to use in different modes. As all know the battle royal section of game Warzone lets players complete for the last man standing trophy but what about a finishing move. Are they allowed in COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer or Warzone? Can we use the, and what is the requirement for the same? Here is a guide to help you in unlocking Hyena in Warzone and COD Multiplayer Matches.

How to unlock Hyena Finishing Move in COD Modern Warfare?

To unlock Hyena in COD Modern Warfare you will need to Take No Prisoner Bundle. Nikto’s finishing move Sputnik is the one that unlocks the Hyena attack in COD Modern Warfare. Take No Prisoner Bundle cost 2400 CoD points and it is not always available in the store.

You will have to keep checking the same to find the Sputnik Finishing Move. You can use this against enemies in COD Modern Warfare Warzone and Multiplayer matches. If you can buy the Take No Prisoner Bundle then here are steps to find the Hyena and apply it to the operator.

  • Go to the Operator Tab and then click on Lobby.
  • Select an operator and then press Triangle or Y to customize it.
  • Scroll to Finishing Moves and then select Sputnik.

When you are in the lobby looking for a game you will see your Hyena friends walking with you. To use the Hyena attack quietly walk behind the enemy by and hold R3 to kill him. This executes the finishing move where you will see a Hyena acts on your behalf.

Finishing Moves have special requirements and they are useless in a fast-paced battle. But if you can stealthily approach an enemy and press the key on the right time one hit and done. A faster way to kill down enemies when no one has seen you. It is a very powerful close quarter combat that cannot be canceled.

Activision keeps adding new Finishing Moves in COD Modern Warfare. You have to check the store for bundles where you can unlock amazing new moves by paying via CoD Points.