Genshin Impact Hydro Hilichurl Rogue Locations

Here are all the locations where you can find the Hydro Hilichurl Rogue in Genshin Impact.

The latest 3.6 update of Genshin Impact introduces a lot of new elements to the game. Two new regions are now available on Sumeru Island known as Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert. With new regions, there are new World Quests and a few new Enemies as well. Speaking of enemies, the Hydro Hilichurl Rogue has joined the Hilichurl enemy types in this game. Defeating them will get you precious rewards as loot. However, there is no fixed location where you can find this enemy and hence, you need to explore a bit. But exactly where? Here are the locations in which you can possibly find a Hydro Hilichurl Rogue in Genshin Impact.

Where to Find Hydro Hilichurl Rogue in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Hydro Hilichurl Rogue Locations
Image Source – Hoyolab Interactive Map

You can locate a Hydro Hilichurl Rogue by exploring the Girdle of the Sands desert in Genshin Impact. It keeps on wandering from one place to another so there is no fixed spot. However, chances are that you will find a few near the Temir Mountains, the Gate of Zulqarnain, Tunigi Hollow, Vourukasha Oasis, and Asipattravana Swamp. For your reference, here are some locations where you can look for a Hydro Hilichurl Rogue.

While exploring this region, there are chances that you may find an Anemo Hilichurl Rogue. It is another enemy that is being introduced alongside Hydro Hilichurl Rogue. The Hydro Hilichurl Rogue carries a Scythe and attacks the opponent with Hydro damage. It can also manipulate water and use it as a projectile to cause damage. Although, once you manage to defeat it, you can get your hands on Character/Weapon Ascension Materials.

That is pretty much everything you can do to find a Hydro Hilichurl Rogue in Genshin Impact. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Genshin Impact Guides on Gamer Tweak.