“Hut, Two, Three, Four” LoLdle Answer

While playing LoLdle classic mode, if you’ve seen the quote, “Hut, two, three, four”, then you must’ve exhausted your initial five tries. This mode gives you multiple hints like Gender, Position(s), Species, Resource, Range type, Region(s), and Release year. However, the game has over 140 champions, so guessing the right one can be tricky. The game will give you more clues like the champion’s ability and splash screen segment. However, if you don’t want to waste any more tries, then check out the answer right here.

“Hut, Two, Three, Four” LoLdle Classic AnswerWho Says Hut Two Three Four in LoLdle

The League of Legends champion that said the quote, “Hut, Two, Three, Four” in LoLdle classic mode is:

  • Teemo

Don’t sweat if you couldn’t guess the answer and had to resort to this guide. With this, you get to keep your LoLdle streak of daily consecutive wins. Since you can only play the classic mode once each day, we recommend you try other amusing LoLdle modes on its official website. You can play Guess the Champion in the following modes:

  • Quote: Guess the character based on its in-game quote. After five tries, you get an audio clue.
  • Ability: Guess the character based on its ability. After five tries, you get a name clue.
  • Emoji: Guess the character based on a set of emojis. Each try will unlock a new emoji.
  • Splash: Guess the character from an image section of the splash art. Each try zooms out the image by a bit.

This can be a fun activity for League of Legends enthusiasts to start their day. If want to keep the tries under a certain number, then we recommend you check our LoLdle Daily Puzzle Answers guide. This way, you can protect your streak and share your impressive number of tries with your friends.

We hope this helped you understand who says the quote “Hut, two, three, four.” in LoLdle. While you’re here, make sure you check out our LoLdle guides section for more content on the same.

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