The Complete Huntress Guide in Risk Of Rain 2

In this guide, we take a look at The Huntress and all her attributes, skills and utilities in Risk Of Rain 2.

Risk Of Rain 2 has a few insane characters you can play and among that selection stands none other than the Huntress. The Huntress has proven to be a go-to character for a lot of players in Risk Of Rain 2. Possessing a load of great damage inflicting skills and utilities, there’s a lot the Huntress can bring to a game. In this guide, we try to uncover all there is to playing The Huntress in Risk Of Rain 2.

The Complete Huntress Guide in Risk Of Rain 2

huntress risk of rain 2

The Huntress possesses a set of skills and abilities that play to her advantage. However, her health doesn’t do much to help her out. These attributes see her represent the glass cannon character in-game. A glass cannon character in gaming slang means a frontline duelist with great offensive options but a very brittle defensive composition. Now that we know what we can expect from The Huntress, let’s understand a little bit more about the character in-depth. The table below mentions her basic character attributes.

Base Damage 12
Increment per level +2.4
Base Health 90
Increment per level +27
Health Regen (per second) 1
Increment per level +0.2
Speed 7
Increment per level nil

Unlocking The Huntress

All you have to do to unlock The Huntress in Risk Of Rain 2 is play the game! Thanks to the new Anniversary update in June, The Huntress can now see a default unlock instead of The Commando. So there’s really nothing you need to do other than launching Risk Of Rain 2 and playing it.

All Huntress Skills

huntress skills

Huntress possesses 2 primary and a solitary secondary skill. These skills enable Huntress to take charge of duels at the helm. You’ll learn more about these skills in the table below.

Skill Level Proc Coefficient Damage Critical  Agility  Cooldown Rate Of Fire Description 
Primary 1 150% None Yes None 0.5 seconds Fires an arrow to inflict damage.
Primary 0.7 (per arrow) 100% (per arrow) Double Damage Yes None 0.7 seconds Equips a draw of 3 arrows to inflict damage.
Secondary 0.8 (per bounce) 45% (per bounce) 10% increase per bounce, 250% damage on 6 bounces No 7 seconds Nil Throws a bouncing glaive which can bounce up to 6 times for increased damage.

The Huntress’ Utilities


The Huntress has 2 utilities she has available at her disposal. To know more about how these 2 utilities work, refer to the undermentioned table. 

Utility Name Usage Motive/Description Cooldown Agility
Blink Disappearing and Teleportation 7 seconds No
Phase Blink Disappearing and Teleportation 2 seconds per charge Yes

The Huntress’ Special Skills and Attacks

huntress special

The Huntress has 2 Specials that wreak absolute havoc over enemies in-game. Here’s more about these two cataclysmic specials:

Special  Damage Proc Coefficient Cooldown (seconds) Description
Arrow Rain 330% Damage (per second) 0.2 (per hit) 12 Teleports The Huntress into the sky and targets an area to rain arrows which slows enemies while dealing damage.
Ballista 900% Damage 3 x 1 12 Teleports The Huntress into the sky and fires up to 3 energy bolts to deal damage.

Overall, The Huntress really could’ve been given a bit more room with her health having an agonizingly low amount of it. However, despite the health drawback, the Huntress impresses with the damage she can inflict at enemy lines. The character possesses great mobility and can be beneficial when playing as the glass cannon if well-coordinated with the 3-player team comp. That’s pretty much all there is to playing the Huntress in Risk Of Rain. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. Furthermore, here’s a complete ranked tier list of all the best items in Risk Of Rain 2.

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