Hunting Simulator 2 Cheats – Unlimited Money, Ammo & More

This guide features the best cheats in Hunting Simulator 2 to get unlimited money, ammo, and more.

If you are looking for cheats in Hunting Simulator 2 to get free Money, Ammo, and Stamina, then you are at the right place. In this realistic shooter game, you can hunt among the 33 animal species across 3 maps. To do so, you can choose between 160 weapons, gear, and clothing. But if you are new to the game, you will have to grind to unlock the best guns in the game. And on top of that, you’ll have to grind some more to make money. This guide will tell you how to use cheats to make your hunting experience a bit easier.

How to Use Cheats in Hunting Simulator 2

Buy guns with Unlimited Money

When we say this game is realistic, we actually mean it. The game has a complex economy based on real-life hunting. You will need licenses to hunt certain animals, and you’ll have to renew them for new animals. If you hunt animals without a license, then you will be penalized. Moreover, it has mechanics like Stamina and Breathing to bring it even closer to reality. If you are someone who wants to go through the game without the grind then you can use the cheats.

To use Cheats in Hunting Simulator 2, you will have to install its Trainer version. Go to All Trainers PC or MegaDev and install it for free. Then, you can use the following buttons to activate them:

  • Num Pad 1: Unlimited Stamina
  • Num Pad 2: Unlimited Breath
  • Num Pad 3: Unlimited Ammo
  • Num Pad 4: No Reload
  • Num Pad 5: Game Speed

Along with this, you also get the option to tweak Companion Rating options like Expertise, Drive, and Stamina. These options are related to your dog, who will be your companion while hunting. It can help your track animals by scent and even retrieve small animals.

That’s all from us on Hunting Simulator 2 Cheats. If you want to try new games then you can check out our 2023 Game Release guide on GamerTweak to know the dates of the new releases.