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Hunter X Athena Clan Tier List (2023)

Here is the Tier List for every clan in Hunter X Athena.

Hunter X Athena has several clans for you to be in and that is where the tier list comes in. This is a game developed by Hunter X Athena based on the popular anime & manga series Hunter X Hunter. In this game, you do training like pushups and meditation to awaken your aura. After that, you also get to unlock your Nen and train different stats. And these stats can be affected by the clan you are in. So without further ado, let us check this Clan Tier List for Hunter X Athena.

Hunter X Athena Clan Tier List

hunter x athena clans tier list

Here is my Tier List of all the clans in this game. Depending on the clan you are in you might not agree with this list. That is fine as changing clans in this game is tough and requires you to use codes or robux. But if you do get to change then you should hope to be in one of the higher-tier clans on this list. Now, let’s quickly check this list.

Clan Tier
Netero S Tier
Morrow S Tier
Kurta S Tier
Freeccs A Tier
Noragami A Tier
Lucifer A Tier
Zoldyck A Tier
Hanma B Tier
Hoss B Tier
Aureus B Tier
Boogaroo C Tier
Armstrong C Tier
Bordeau C Tier
Chimera Ant C Tier
Hatake C Tier
Korutopi C Tier
Komacine C Tier
Goreinu D Tier
Kaito D Tier
Magcub D Tier
Ndongo D Tier
Murasaki F Tier
Paradinight F Tier
Takano F Tier
Portor F Tier
Tsezguerra F Tier

The above rankings are from best to worst thus S Tier clans are the best in the game. They are followed by A and B Tier Clans in terms of how powerful they are. You then have the C and D Tier clans which are just okay. And lastly, we have the F Tier clans that you should avoid being in.

That covers this Hunter X Athena Clans Tier List. If you want to change your clan, face, nen or other things in this game then check out our Hunter X Athena codes. Also, if you found this list to be of any use then you should also check out our other Tier Lists. And for more help on similar games check out our Roblox guides.