HuniePop 2: Double Date Puzzle Token Types Guide

There are seven types of Puzzle Tokens available in HuniePop 2.

Similar to the original, HuniePop 2: Double Date has numerous puzzles that will make your dates memorable. To make your date perfect, you should know what each HuniePop 2 token does in the game and how they can impact on your date.

HuniePop 2 Puzzle Token Types

Currently, there are seven types of Puzzle Tokens available in HuniePop 2. The names of these tokens are — Talent Tokens, Joy Tokens, Romance Tokens, Passion Tokens, Sentiment Tokens, Se*uality Tokens, and Flirtation Tokens. Except for the Joy Tokens, you can use all of these tokens as the Steam Badges.

Puzzle Token Types Guide

Of the Seven Puzzle Tokens, there are four tokens that are considered as Power Tokens. The names of these Tokens are —  Romance, Talent, Se*uality, and Flirtation. These are the main Tokens that you will have to match and each girl will prefer to have one type of Token. The girl would not say much about two tokens but she will dislike the fourth one. There is only one way and it is an experiment to find out which girls like which tokens.

  • Orange Crescent Moons – Romance
  • Blue Musical Notes – Talent
  • Red Drops – Sexuality
  • Green Stars – Flirtation

It should be noted that you are allowed to move tokens up and down only in the column and left and right in the row, they are in.

That’s everything you need to know about Puzzle Token types in HuniePop 2. While you are here, ensure reading about how to change outfits and how to play HuniePop 2 on Mobile via Steam.