All HuniePop 2 Cheats And Console Commands 2024

Here's a complete list HuniePop 2 cheat codes that fans can use right now.

HuniePop: Double Date is the most talked-about adult game right now. The direct sequel to HuniePop has made everyone talk about the game. Those who have already started playing the game must be wondering are there any cheats or console commands in HuniePop 2.

Since the game requires players to perform numerous tasks that can’t be done without having intimate relations with cosmic creatures, we have brought to you a bunch of HuniePop 2 cheats or console commands that might help you complete such kinds of tasks.

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The only thing that frustrates the players most is they can’t stay with a girl for a long period of time because they start losing their stamina. In order to regain the stamina, players will need to move to the other girl or matching the new stamina tokens.

If you use the following HuniePop 2 codes, you would not lose your stamina no matter how long you sit with a girl on a date. All you need to do is use the console command that we have mentioned below when you start losing your stamina.

Before sharing HuniePop 2 cheats, let me explain how to use these console commands in this adult game.

How To Use HuniePop 2 Cheats?

Here are a few simple steps you will need to follow to use cheats in HuniePop 2:

  • Install Cheat Engine.
  • Download the files that we have given below.
  • Double-click on the .CT file
  • Click on the PC icon in Cheat Engine and then select the game process.
  • Keep the list.
  • Now, activate the trainer option or set values from 0 to 1.

All HuniePop 2 Cheat Codes

Here are all HuniePop 2 Cheats and what they offer when entered into the game.

  • Infinite Date Moves — The date moves available won’t decrease.
  • Infinite Stamina — You would not lose stamina while talking or dating.
  • Infinite TALKING Stamina — You would not lose Stamina while talking in the game.
  • Insta-Max Passion — You will get max date passion in no time.
  • Infinite Seeds [Open Store] — Upon opening the store, you will be given 900 of each seed.
  • Unlock All Outfits and Hairstyles — You will have all outfits and hairstyles unlocked.
  • Insta-Max Affection — You will get max date affection in no time. 
  • Insta-Max Bonus Affection — It maximizes your bonus date affection.
  • Freeze Bonus Affection Decrease — It stabilizes the bonus affection decrease.

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Console Commands

In order to enter console commands in HuniePop 2, you will have to get the developer console unlocked. Once unlocked, you will be able to use its console commands.

To enter the console commands, you will need to press F1 and then type the command and press F1 again to execute the same command.