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Hummingbird Sage RDR2 Location Guide – Where To Find Hummingbird Sage Plant

Best locations to find hummingbird sage in RDR Online

Are you struggling to find hummingbird save in RDR Online? Here are some of the best locations to find a hummingbird sage plant in Red Dead Redemption 2. As a part of daily challenges, you will have to find five hummingbird sage in RDR2 and if you are not aware of the best locations to share you will keep on riding in the wilderness. So to save your time here is the best RDR Online map locations to find hummingbird sage and complete your daily challenge.

Where to find hummingbird sage in RDR 2?

Hummingbird Sage is located in the South-west of New Hanover. You will have to walk till the edge towards the river crossing The Heartlands. In the image below you can see the map screenshot of one of the hummingbird sage locations in RDR 2. Towards the south of The Heartlands walk all the way to the river and set your marker to the D shaped road. Scan the area well to find hummingbird sage.

RDR2 Hummingbird Sage Location

There are some Hummingbird Sage plants near the second camp, look for the region called as Radley Pasture. It is a Gang Hideout located on the North-east of Rhodes.

RDR2 Hummingbird Sage Location

For the third hummingbird location in RDR2, you will have to explore Lemoyne. Just below the marked “L”, you will find a spot with curved roads. Ride into the woods and scan the region to locate hummingbird sage. Try exploring nearby regions also you might get multiple plants here.

RDR2 Hummingbird Sage Location

Another best location to find hummingbird sage in RDR2 is on the South of Rhodes. You have to walk all the way below D and there is an open grassy region between the woods where you will find the plant.

There are few more around Manzania Post in the Black Water region on the west of Great Plains. You will need to explore this region bit just check the roads and plans and you will be able to find some hummingbird sage.

There are many random locations where you can find Hummingbird Sage in Red Dead Redemption 2, the above locations will definitely give you the plant and help you in completing the daily challenge.