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Humankind Cheats & Trainer Download – How to use Cheat Codes?

Want to explore Humankind at a speed of flash then try this amazing trainer to activate cheats.

Humankind could be struggling at a certain level and the best way to explore more parts of this game is by using cheat codes. But the question is do cheats work in Humankind? Yes, it works via an unofficial trainer. It’s a tool that activates cheat codes in Humankind. You don’t have to do any major changes in the game settings. Just download and run the trainer to turn on cheats in Humankind. Make sure you use these Humankind Cheats Trainers at your own risk. They are not by the official developers and can create certain stability issues.

How to use Humankind Cheats Trainer?


Humankind Cheat Trainer

Download Wemod, it is available for free and a kind of trainer that works for many games. It also supports Humankind and unlocks around 7 different cheats in the game. Using Wemod Humankind Trainer you can unlock unlimited health, movement, you can set population, money, influence, era stars, and research points. Download the Trainer and launch it. Search for the game inside the Humankind Cheat Engine and click on Play.


The benefit of using WeMod is that you can use this trainer for multiple games. Check out the video above where you can see a demo of how Humankind Trainer works. With a simple menu, you just have to turn on the necessary cheats and start playing the game. You can press a key to activate the cheat. Below is Humankind Trainer cheat controls.

  1. Press F1 to activate Unlimited Movement.
  2. Press F2 to activate Unlimited Health.
  3. Press F3 to increase Influence and Shift +F3 Decrease Influence.
  4. Press F4 to increase Money and Shift +F4 Decrease Money.
  5. Press F5 to increase Research Points and Shift +F5 Decrease Research Points.
  6. Press F6 to increase Era Stars and Shift +F5 Decrease Era Stars.
  7. Press F7 to increase Population and Shift +F5 Decrease Population.

How to Activate Humankind Console Cheats?


Another way to use cheats in Humankind is via console commands. You will have to first activate the same as it will not be visible by default. Turning on the cheat console will allow you to directly enter cheat codes in the game if you do not trust third-party trainers. Follow the steps below to activate the Humankind cheat console.

Steps for Steam Game

  1. Go to the game library and right-click on Humankind.
  2. Go to Properties and then click on General Tab.
  3. Go to Launch Options and add the following command in the input field: -enablemoddingtools.
  4. Press ~ or relevant key to launch the cheat console.


Steps for Epic Store or Windows Store

  1. Right-click on the Humankind game shortcut. It will be in the Start Menu or on the Desktop.
  2. Go to Properties and then click on Target.
  3. Type: -enablemoddingtools next to humankind.exe.

By adding the argument at the end of the game launch option you will be able to access the cheat console in Humankind. Currently, there are no active cheats released by the game developers. You can use this console to communicate with other players in the game. Here are some of the common Humankind console commands.

  1. Help – View the list of all available commands.
  2. Block – Mute a player in Multiplayer Game.
  3. Unblock – Unmute the player.
  4. Whisper – Send a private message to a player.

We will be updating this Humankind Cheat Trainer guide frequently. Till then you can try our guide on how to install Mods on Humankind. It is another way to unlock unique new features in the game. There are lots of helpful articles you can try out while playing this game. For which you can check our Humankind Guides section.