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Humankind Announced During Gamescom 2019 – Watch Reveal Trailer

Re-write the entire narrative of humankind

Amplitude Studios with Sega brings a new Historical Strategy where you have the power to re-write the entire history of humankind and build your own civilization. You can build your own civilization by combining 60 Historical Cultures from Bronze to Modern Age. Players will have to go through various challenges by mastering the terrain elevation with city building along with guarding their world in battles. There are trade and diplomacy that will help the civilization to flourish and you can also call allies to transform into a full eight-player world war.


Players will progress from the Neolithic era to modern age to build their own unique civilization. Taking from various cultures and nations players will have the choice to add and remove features to make their world stronger and sustain for a longer period.

Humankind is scheduled to release in the year 2020.