Humankind: How To Declare War & Buildup War Support

Here's how to declare war in Humankind with war support buildup.

Humankind is the latest 4X game on the block. It comes with the best features that payers loved in other games combined together. As the ruler of an empire, there are times when you have to go to war with other kingdoms around you. But many players are not sure how to start a war with the support of their population. So today let’s look at how to declare war with support in Humankind.

How to Declare War in Humankind?

How To Declare War In Humankind With War Support Buildup

To declare war in Humankind, you need to go to Relation Tab and select either Surprise War or Declare War (Formal War) options by clicking on them. Surprise War is an easier option to declare war in Humankind as you only need enough +50WarSupport. This means you can go to war with any country without any “Grievances” and corresponding “Demands”.

On other hand, Declare War button (or Formal War) requires +80 War Support or incomplete “Demands” to your “Grievances” with them. Meaning, you can use Declare War button to start a formal war if any of your Demands are rejected by the other Kingdom. But Militarist cultures (with an additional 30 War Support equilibrium bonus, on top of the usual normal 50 War Support equilibrium) can easily declare war on other Empires right away without any need of extra War Support Buildup.

What is War Support Buildup in Humankind?

War Support is your population’s request for you to wage war against any other Empires. The normal equilibrium of every nation is 50 War Support, with 100 being the highest against an empire. This baseline of 50 War Support is also counted as base peacetime equilibrium. If War Support Buildup increases, your population will have more tendency to go to war. This plays a vital role when you are using either Surprise War or Declare War (Formal War) buttons in Humankind.

That’s all about war support buildup & how to declare war in Humankind. Also, make sure to check out our Humankind Guides for more tips & tricks like this.