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Humankind City Cap: How To Increase, Downgrade, Raze, Or Destroy City

Here's how to destroy a City and increase City Cap in Humankind.

On your journey to becoming the most powerful empire in Humankind, you will be building a lot of cities along the way. But every empire has a City Capacity that needs to increased to build more cities without getting negative impacts. And there are times when you will need to destroy cities that you don’t need anymore. But these options are not open in plain sight and you need to do some workarounds depending on the solutions you are aiming for. So today let’s look at how to increase city cap, and also how to downgrade, raze, or destroy city in Humankind.

How to Increase City Cap in Humankind?

To increase City Cap in Humankind you need to research specific technologies that grant additional city capacity. Here’s the list of all technologies to increase city cap:

Technologies City Capacity Increase
Philosophy technology Get +1 City Cap
Foreign Outposts technology Get +1 City Cap
Theology technology Get +1 City Cap
Three Masted Ship technology Get +1 City Cap
Supply Lines technology Get +1 City Cap
Mercantilism technology Get +1 City Cap
Urban Planning technology Get +1 City Cap
Space Orbital technology Get +3 City Cap
Leadership Civic Get +1 City Cap
Materials Procurement Civic Get +1 City Cap
Achaemenid Persians Legacy Trait Get +2 City Cap

Humankind City Cap How To Increase, Downgrade, Raze, Or Destroy City

How to Downgrade City to Outpost in Humankind?

There is no direct option to downgrade a City to Outpost in Humankind. But once you reach the Medieval Era, research Military Architecture technology to absorb cities. Absorbing a city to another will give remove your City Cap by -1 in Humankind. Make sure both the city being absorbed and absorbing city has the same number of “Infrastructure”, to keep the Influence cost as low as possible. Here’s a video from No-Nonsense Guides showing how to merge cities by the absorb option in Humankind:

How to Raze or Destroy a City in Humankind?

To raze or destroy a city in Humankind, you need to use the Ransacking option. To do this you need to bring an Army unit need to be standing on the tile. You need to click on Ransack option in army action to start pillaging the target city. This will take few turns, but in last the City will be completely destroyed and razed to almost nothing.

Once you reach the Contemporary Era, you can research Nuclear Fission technology to Nuclear Weapons. Then you need to select Nuclear Proliferation, complete a National Project called Fission Test to start building these weapons. Then you can use these Nuclear weapons to completely raze and destroy a city in Humankind. But all these are late-game contents, so using the Ransack method as mentioned above is the best way to get rid of cities in the early game.

That’s all about how to increase city cap, and also how to downgrade, raze, or destroy a city in Humankind. Also, make sure to check out our Humankind Guides for more tips & tricks like this.