How To Change Your Avatar In Humankind?

Want to know how you can make your avatar stand out from the crowd in Humankind? Read this article to find out exactly how you can do so!

One of Humankind’s many exciting features is the ability to change your in-game avatar. Doing so lets you personalize your character, making the gameplay experience much more interesting. In this article, we will show you how you can do so.

How to Change Your Avatar in Humankind?

change avatar humankind

To change your avatar in Humankind, you will need to click on the My Profile button. This button will be located in the main menu of Humankind. Clicking on this button will show you four different pages. From here, you will need to choose the Avatar tab. Doing so will result in a brief explanation about what avatars are in Humankind, and how other players will be able to interact with you. Below this explanation text, you will find the options to alter the appearance of your character.

Here, you will find shown several avatar presets. Each of these presets will have its own unique characteristics and behavioral traits that set them apart from the rest. The faces for these avatars will be shown to you on the screen. You will also find the opportunity to choose to alter several other appearance characteristics above the faces. You can pick from one of these presets to base your personalized character on.

Several features like eyes, nose, mouth, hair, skin, eyebrows and costume colors are customizable from these options. You can spend as much time as you like in this menu to get to the perfect avatar settings in Humankind.

This is how you can change your avatar in Humankind. This process is really easy, and it offers you complete freedom to make your character as unique as possible. The only thing you need to remember about costumes is that these outfits are determined by the era and culture of the avatar. This is why you will only have the option to change the colors on the costumes, and not change them altogether.

With your unique avatar all ready, check out how you can play multiplayer with friends in Humankind.