How To Get UCL Tokens In FIFA Mobile (UCL Reward Event)

Milton Dsouza
3 Min Read

The UEFA Champions League is presently in full swing. The prestigious club competition has found its way into FIFA Mobile as well. The UCL event in the mobile game lets FIFA players earn rewards, and even some high-rated players like 107 OVR Ramos or 108 OVR Alaba. You can also get a 110 OVR Lampard as your final reward. But for that, you will need to collect UCL tokens. If you don’t know how they work, then our guide will help you out. Here is how to get UCL Tokens in FIFA Mobile.

How to Get UCL Tokens in FIFA Mobile


You can get UCL tokens by completing the UCL Reward Path in FIFA Mobile. The 10th reward path of the event will give you your first UCL token. You can trade these tokens in exchange for any 100+OVR player in the Milestones section. You will have to claim 9 Milestones to get your hands on the coveted 110 OVR CM Frank Lampard (Event Icon).

Each reward on the UCL Reward Path will require 60 UCL Points. You also have a chance of regaining those 60 points while progressing through each Reward Path. UCL Tokens can be easily earned by completing daily and weekly UCL quests, watching ads, and playing Skill games. You can also receive a lot of points by completing the Road to The Championship or progressing through the Star Pass.

As we already mentioned, accumulate enough UCL points to progress through the UCL Reward Path. Once you get your first UCL Token, spend it to purchase your favorite player from the available options. You can then continue progressing through the Reward path to get the remaining rewards and ultimately earn yourself a 110 OVR Lampard!

That’s all there is to it about how to get UCL Tokens in FIFA Mobile. We hope that you found this guide helpful. If you are facing errors while opening FIFA Mobile, then check out how to fix the Login Failed error. Apart from that, if you want to know how to earn FIFA Points in FIFA Mobile, then read this guide.