How To Use The Van In A Dusty Trip

Wish to use that Van in your backyard in A Dusty Trip? Here’s how you can fix it and get going.

If you have just started playing A Dusty Trip, you must be curious about that scrapped Van in the backyard. Well, that Van can be fixed and used for a quick ride around the desert landscape. You desperately need that vehicle as walking on foot is very tiring and dangerous, especially when Mutants are around. So to help you through it, we will explain how to repair and use the Van in A Dusty Trip.

How to Repair and Use the Van in A Dusty Trip

To use the Van in A Dusty Trip, you must do the following things:

  • Place 4 Wheels
  • Place an Engine
  • Place a Radiator
  • Place 4 Doors
  • Fuel Van

The above are all the things that you must find and attach to the Van in order to use it. Starting off from the wheels, you can find 3 of them near the Van itself. And for the final wheel, you can go to the garage inside your house. Once you have found the wheels, simply grab them and get close to the Van. You will then get an option to place it on the target.

adding doors to use the Van in A Dusty Trip

Next, you can find the doors near the Van too. While adding a door, you have to grab and place it in the right spot. Because the doors of the Van are different in size and should be placed in the correct slots. If you are unable to place a door then it’s probably because you aren’t in the right spot.

After adding doors and wheels, it is time for you to place an Engine and a Radiator in your Van. Without these, you will never be able to use the Van in A Dusty Trip. Anyways, you can find both of these Car Parts on the table, inside the garage. The Radiator should be placed in the front area of the area. The Engine should be placed next to the driver’s seat (see the image below).

Now that you have placed every essential attachment to the Van, your final step is fueling it. You can find the fuel inside the Red Jerry Can inside the garage. Grab it, go to the fuel port, and put the fuel inside the Van. With all this done, get in the Van, pull down the handbrakes, and press the “R” key to rev the Engine.

That’s all you can do to use the Van in A Dusty Trip. Once you start using the Van, you will feel the need to increase its speed. To do that, you can check out our guide for some tips to make your car faster.